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Australian Shepherd Agility & Jumping Trial



Restricted to Breed Agility & Jumping Trial 
KCC Park, Western Port Hwy, Skye Vic. Melway 128 J12

Sunday 31 October 2010

Entries Close: Friday 15 October 2010

Trial Secretary: Renee Ashman Ph: 9749 5279 (up to 9.00pm)
0431 254 752

Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 4, Longwarry, Vic 3816
Cheques: Payable to: Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria Inc
Confirmation of Entries: Include SSAE or e-mail address.

Entry Fee:  $15.00 first entry (includes catalogue, judge's fee & VCA surcharge) 
$10.00 subsequent entries regardless of the class or dog.
NB: If you have already paid the first entry under another discipline, 
then you only need to pay the subsequent entry fee.
Entry Forms Must: 
1. Include Height Category (not height at shoulder)
2. Be on a standard size form (preferably Multi Entry form i/c all titles)

Judging Starts: 12.00 noon

Master/Excellent/Novice/Open Jumping: Mr Trevor Moore

Master/Excellent/Novice/Open Agility: Mr Trevor Moore

Height Cards: Must be available for presentation on the day if requested.
Note that Height Cards cannot be obtained on the day of the trial as only
one judge will be in attendance. Therefore please ensure that arrangements
are made well in advance of the trial.

Check-in/Vetting: 10.00am - 11.30am
Upgrades: Class upgrades available until 20 October 2010
One Presentation: at the conclusion of the day's events.
Committee: Reserves the right to substitute judges, suspend tests, change venue
at any given time or to cancel a class if less than 3 entries are received.
Notice will be given to all entrants.



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