Awesome Paws - Official Sponsor

 Private Lessons: can be arranged during the week at $30 per hour with one person. 
Share a lesson with a friend for $20 each. Ring Geraldine on 0407 284 720 or Email

 Classes: run Tuesday and Wednesday evenings starting at 7.00 to 8.00pm and 8.20 to 9.20pm classes ranging from Foundation to Advanced Handling
Please email Katie at 
katie@topdogbuilders.com.au for more information on classes.

Hiring Grounds: for practice is available at $20 for one person (per hour) and $10 per each extra person. Please email Geraldine for privates or hiring ground gkisielnicki@gmail.com or ring 0407284720

 Seminars: We also conduct seminars, please contact Katie for more info on seminars at katie@topdogbuilders.com.au

 Geraldine and Katie run Awesome Paws and instruct the H360 method which was founded by Susan Garrett.

Awesome Paws Website   www.apagility.com


Roxy winning Open Agility at the Qld Nats 2014


Handling 360

Advanced H360

Shapeup Seminar

Some of our Achievements

Geraldine and Roxy
National Open Agility Champion Qld 2014
Fastest Agility Exhibitor Royal Melbourne Show 2013

Katie and Nakita
National Masters Jumping Champion Qld 2014
won State Jumping Champion 2014
won Top Dog Jumping 2013
won State Jumping Champion for 2013

Katie and Kirra
won Top Dog Jumping 2014

Katie & Mr. Plug
Best Agility exhibitor Border Collie Nationals 2014
Fastest Jumping Exhibitor Royal Melbourne Show 2014

Katie & Jive
Fastest Jumping Exhibitor Royal Melbourne Show 2013

Geraldine and Jazz
Fastest Jumping Exhibitor Royal Melbourne Show 2012
won Top Dog Jumping 2012
won both the State Agility Champion and State Jumping Champion for 2011. 
won 2011 Top Agility Dog Competition