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Bulla Trial


Open Agility & Jumping Trial
Bulla Exhibition Centre, Uniting Lane, Bulla.

Saturday 14th May 2011
Entries Close: Friday 29th April 2011
Entries To: Heather Tilley,125 Reservoir Rd, Yan Yean, 3755. 
E-mail Enquiries: trials@bad.org.au
Cheques payable to Bulla Agility Dogs Inc
Entries: $8.00 per entry, BAD members: $7 per entry
Official Multi-Entry Form to be used - One form per dog for the day. 
Classes must be clearly marked (eg. Master Jumping A) .
Entries will be confirmed by email (if you provide an email address) or post (if you provide an SSAE).
Catalogue $3.00  pre-ordered/prepaid with entries. 
Will also be available from www.bad.org.au 
a couple of days before the trial
10% extra time for 200 + 300 height dogs in all classes except Novice.

For Those Who Prefer A Table Version of Classes Click Here

14 May 2011
AM (Before Lunch) - Start 9.00am
Ring 1: Master Jumping A: Sue Gonelli, Master Jumping B: P Buykx  
Ring 2: Novice Agility A, Novice Agility B,  Novice Agility C,: H Diamond
Ring 3: Open Agility, Master Agility A : C Shelton       
Ring 4: Excellent Jumping A/Excellent Jumping B/Excellent Jumping C: C Makepeace
PM (After Lunch) 
Ring 1: Master Jumping C, Open Jumping: R Padfield
Ring 2:  Master Agility B: A Tilley, Master Agility C: P Buykx 

Ring 3: Excellent Agility A/Excellent Agility B/Excellent Agility C: C Shelton
Ring 4: Novice Jumping A/Novice Jumping B/Novice Jumping C: P Gavin
No check in or vetting. 
Numbers available from the office after 8.00am
Only one presentation at the conclusion of the day.

Veterans Event: There will be a Veterans event at lunchtime for all those older dogs
which are no longer trialling. 
Entry fee will be $2 on the day & a winner will be drawn from a hat.




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