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Victorian Agility Champions
2006 Rules
The introduction of the 2006 Agility Rules provided for the title of AG CH (Agility Champion) 
being awarded to those (ADM/JDM) dogs that gained 40 qualifying certificates 
(20 Agility & 20 Jumping) comprising (for both Agility & Jumping) 10 first places and
                10 first, second or third places, being "overall" class places. 
Provision was made for recognition of up to 10 1st, 2nd or 3rd qualifying passes
prior to 1st July 2006.
View the 11 Victorian AG CH Champions Pavlina's Trillian
Emily's Mallei
Peter's Dash
Geraldine's Merlot
Geraldine's Jazz
Katie's Kirra
Karolyn's Ziggy
Ros's Paris
Kathy's Turbo

Greg's Crash 
Kate's Zulu
2011 Rules
With the introduction of the 2011 Agility Rules came a change in the AG CH rule. The 
emphasis changed from "overall" qualifying 1st, 2nd or 3rd places, to qualifying "height" 
runs (by ADM/JDM dogs) with 25, 20 & 15 points allocated for qualified height placings, 
and 10 points for all other qualifying runs. A total of 1000 points needs to be attained
 with at least 100 points each from Agility & Jumping after 1st July 2011. 
The five titles are AG CH 200, AG CH 300, AG CH 400, AG CH 500 & AG CH 600. 
Provision has been made for recognition of qualifying runs (10 points each) 
prior to the introduction of the 2011 rules.
View the Victorian AG CH 200 Champions Denise's Henri
Michelle's Bubbles
Tammy's Madison
Carole's Polly
View the Victorian AG CH 300 Champions Roxann's Basil
Christine's Cody

Graeme's Ginger Biscuit

Dawn's Nina
Michelle & Willara
Stephanie's Penny
View the Victorian AG CH 400 Champions Heather's Daisy Rose
Laura's Nellie
Caroline's Phineas Fogg

Scott & Madison's Ollie 
Heather & Twister
View the Victorian AG CH 500 Champions Susan & Kathy's Jessie
Anne's Penny
Katie's Nakita
Nikki's Jet
Renee's Spike
Ros & Peter's Prada

Susanna's Codey
tephen's Willow 
Kris's Jive
Geraldine's Roxy
Nikki's Azra
Kane & Esky
Andrew & Stephanie's Arwen
View the Victorian AG CH 600 Champions Sally & Ziggy
Gary & Tia
Tina & Chase