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(Closing Date)

Trials CLOSED - In Trial Date Order

BALLAARAT Sun 6 May 18
Open Agility & Jumping Trial   (Sun 22 Apr)

Trials OPEN - In Closing Date Order

Enter HVCV (RTG3 Gundogs) Sat 5 May 18
Agility, Jumping, Rally & Obedience  (Fri 27 Apr)
    Note Extended Closing Date Fri 27 April
Enter STRATFORD Sat-Sun 19-20 May 18
Open Agility & Jumping Weekend
 (Paper Fri 4 May, Online Sun 13 May)
Schedule updated 20 Jan to include Sashes now for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Places (Previously 1st Place only)
Enter FRANKSTON Sat 12 May @ Moorabbin
Open Agility & Jumping Trial
 (Paper Fri 4 May, Online Sun 6 May)
Enter GIPPSLAND (Morwell) Mon 11 Jun
'Bare Bones' Double Open Agility & Jumping Trials         (Mon 28 May)
Enter BENDIGO Sat 17 Jul 2018
Open Agility & Jumping Trial        (Fri 29 Jun)
Enter WANGARATTA Sat-Sun 11-12 Aug
 Agility, Jumping & Obedience Trial   (Thur 12 Jul)
In conjunction with Obedience Trial
Enter BAIRNSDALE Sat-Sun 4-5 Aug  
 Open Agility & Jumping Trial        (Sun 22 Jul)
Note: No Paper entries, only Online.

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