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Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
Richard Silcock Reserve, William Rd, Croydon Vic (Melway 51 A1)

Saturday 22 May 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary: Susan Macmillan, PO Box 128, Park Orchards, Vic 3114
Ph: 9879 9100 - susanmacmillan2@gmail.com
Entry fee - $9.00 for each agility and jumping entry. $12.00 per strategic pair.

Catalogue $2.00 with entries or free download 
Cheques payable to Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club Inc

Entries close: Monday 10 May 2010

Absolutely No Late Entries Accepted

On-line/Paperless/Electronic Entries: Preferred.
Please use the button below to create entries, 
and to check acknowledgement of entries

Note: For Strategic Pairs, both handlers enter and pay for their own dog
 and nominate the other dog, and the system will create the pair.
Alternatively you can submit a separate SP entry on their behalf.
If using paper entries:
Multi entry forms preferred- One entry form per dog .
If there are more than 7 entries for one dog, submit an am and a pm form.
Type judge’s initials in the club use only column.

Please staple strategic pairs entries together

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am

Please mark the agility or jumping event you wish to enter
with the judge’s initials rather than am and pm

Ring 1: AGILITY am - Excellent/Novice/Master Agility RA :  R Ashman
                             pm - Excellent/Master Agility SP : S Pearson  

Ring 2: JUMPING am - Novice/Master/Excellent/Open Jumping PB : P Buykx
               AGILITY pm - Novice/Open Agility TM : T Moore

am - Open/Excellent/Master Jumping CM : C Makepeace
                               pm - Excellent/Master/Novice Jumping RP : R Padfield  A Tilley

Ring 4: AGILITY am
- Master/Excellent/Open Agility AT: A Tilley
          ST PAIRS  pm - Master/Excellent/Novice Strategic Pairs : J Browne
 Numbers Available from 8:00 am (No Check-in/Vetting) 
If you intend to arrive after 8.30 please let us know beforehand to avoid being scratched

 Acknowledgement of Entries, Catalogue and other info will be available on-line.


Start time 9:00am, afternoon rings will follow on completion of morning rings    

       Single Presentation to be held at the end of the day.

       Non-placegetter Pass Cards may be picked up early


Catering and dog supplies available. Please note – no parking available on ground.