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CANCELLED - Croydon Trial - Saturday 11th September 2010
Due to the state of Silcock Reserve, the Croydon September trial has been cancelled.
Susan Macmillan, Trial Secretary has indicated that the trial (as such) will be moved
to our May 2011 timeslot with (hopefully) the same classes and judges.
The ground and the rainfall have been monitored for some time and with the current 
long term forecast the chances of the trial going ahead are slim.
Agility training over the last months has been severely restricted 
to small areas near the car park. 
The Croydon agility community has been included in the consultation.
Susan apologises for the bad news and regrets cancelling the trial but feels 
it is better to give notice now rather than wait till the eve of the trial.
As the on-line entry system was deliberately made not available until a
decision was made to go or no-go, there is no need to adopt a return
policy for entries. We would like to thank Alex for his willingness to
include some minor improvements to his system. Croydon is keen
to use Alex's system as it saves much time with less chance of any 
mistakes compared to the manual entry method. 
Once again, apologies from Croydon. We wish you the all the best at the
other September trials - the State Trial and the Royal.