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Daisy Rose - AG CH 400

At Royal Melbourne Show on Sunday 2nd October 2011

Congratulations to Heather Eaves and
T.CH AG CH 400 Dellkarn Daisy Rose ADM4 GD ADO JDM4 JDO SDM SPDM

Daisy Rose leaps off the see-saw

1st AG CH 400 in Victoria

1st Welsh Springer Spaniel Agility Champion

1st Welsh Springer Spaniel to achieve dual performance sports titles

With the introduction of the new rules Daisy needed to attain 100 points each in both Agility and Jumping to become an AG CH 400.  In the 1st trial held under the new rules (16 July 2011 at Moorabbin) she managed a 100% pass rate for the day and came away achieving 45 points each in Agility and Jumping.  She followed that up in Wangaratta (13 August) with another 20 agility and 15 jumping points.  At Hastings trial (27 August) she completed the agility component with a further 40 points and added another 10 to her jumping total leaving her with 30 jumping points or minimum of 2 passes to complete the jumping.  At Croydon (17 Sept) she added 20 points leaving 10 to get at the Royal. 

 Daisyís History:

 Daisy was born on 28/3/2003 and became a much loved and valued member of the Eaves household 8 weeks later.  Her early training started with puppy preschool followed by basic obedience until she was 18 months old when she discovered Agility.  She took to it with much enthusiasm as did I but neither of us had any prior agility training so it took a while to reach a stage that we could enter our first competition. This was a K9 trial, where she promptly took a wander out of the ring to check out the scenery before completing the course.  Many of her early runs I considered to be her free choice as the courses that she took and the ones that I ran didnít seem to have a lot in common. However things improved as I continued to try and improve my handling and training skills.  After about a year I was thrilled when she got her 1st Agility pass at Geelong which was quite exciting as she was born in Geelong and I was able to share our success with her breeder Lisa. 

 She progressed through the levels of competition and entered Masters Level in late 2008.  She had 12 passes in Agility by the time Top Dog entries were to be submitted and I was very excited that Daisy managed to reach the reserve list in 2009.  She has since followed that achievement by competing in Top Dog in both 2010 and 2011.   While she was competing in Agility she also started Tracking and in 2010 achieved her Tracking Champion Title.  She has attained many passes at Masters level and at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2011 she needed just one Jumping Masters pass to achieve her Agility Champion 400 Title.  I had been struggling with my back for several weeks and my ability to get into good handling positions was limited but true to Daisy form she kept trying to make sense of my instructions (occasionally letting me know I had got it wrong yet again and I was causing her confusion) but that much desired Jumping Pass she nailed. 

 I believe she is the first Welsh Springer Spaniel to gain her Agility Champion Title and also the first Welsh Springer Spaniel to achieve dual performance sports titles. 

 Daisy is a pleasure to work with. She has a natural desire to please and is a great team player.  She displays a true Welsh Springer temperament with her merry disposition and deep loyalty to her family. 

Heather Eaves.

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The Master Jumping qualifying run at the Royal 2011 (by Sal)