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Agility/Jumping/Games Trial
La Trobe University, Kingsbury Drive, Bundoora Vic (Mel Ref 19 G8)

Saturday 5 December 2009
: Trial Secretary, PO Box 289 Sunbury Vic 3429
Enquiries:  Ph: 0438 885 065
Entries close: Saturday 21 November 2009

Saturday 5 December 2009

Ring 1: Start 9:00:

B Pearson Gamblers: Novice/Excellent/Masters
T Moore Snooker: Novice/Excellent/Masters

Ring 2: Start 9:00:

C Makepeace - Masters Agility A/Open Agility A
J Browne - Masters Agility B/Open Agility B

Ring 3: Start 9:30:

P Gavin - Open Jumping A/Masters Jumping A
R Padfield - Open Jumping B/Masters Jumping B

Ring 4: Start 8:30:

M Cowman - Excellent Agility A/Novice Agility A
P Buykx - Strategic Pairs: Novice/Excellent/Masters
M Tyler - Excellent Agility B/Novice Agility B

Ring 5: Start 9:30:

H Diamond - Novice Jumping A/Excellent Jumping A
R Diamond - Novice Jumping B/Excellent Jumping B

No check in or Vetting
Numbers MUST be collected between:
AM Trial:
7.30am - 8.30am PM Trial: Before 11.30am

PM Trial - START - At conclusion of AM Trial

Entry Fee: $8.00    Warringal ODC Members: $7.00 per class
Strategic Pairs: $10.00 per pairs: Entries stapled together
Multiple or single entry forms allowed as long as they are legible

10% extra SCT will be given to 200 and 300 dogs in
all Agility and Jumping classes except Novice
Placings will be decided on raw times.

We reserve the right to substitute judges.
Catalogue: $3.00 Will also be available to be downloaded from
www.warringaldogclub.com.au  a couple of days before the trial



Vic Team Selection Trials - Dec 09



Results - Vic Team Selection Trials - Heats 1 & 2

Running Order Published

Heat 1 - 9.00am 13 Dec 2009

1 400 Angie Gunther Bel Adele Scarlet Star
2 400 Heather Eaves Daisy
3 400 Scott Fletcher Ollie
4 400 Ron Diamond Spike
5 600 Karolyn DeGraaw Ziggy
6 500 Ros Atyeo Paris
7 500 Kathy Macmillan Corriedale Jessie
8 500 Katie Kisielnicki Kayledene Triple Choc
9 500 Angie Gunther Bel Adele Super Star
10 500 Geraldine Kisielnicki Guirmere Jazz
11 500 Peter Clynes Dash
12 500 Susanna Watt Codey
13 500 Kathy Macmillan Gogetta Turbo
14 500 Katie Kisielnicki Kayladene Born to Run
15 500 Angie Gunther Bel Adele Recent Rumour
16 500 Geraldine Kisielnicki Kayladene Choc Royal
17 500 Dorothy Mitchell Bob
18 500 Heather Diamond Noonbarra Bob
19 500 Greg Milner Crash

Heat 2 - 11.30am 13 Dec 2009

1 500 Geraldine Kisielnicki Kayladene Choc Royal
2 500 Angie Gunther Bel Adele Recent Rumour
3 500 Katie Kisielnicki Kayladene Born to Run
4 500 Kathy Macmillan Gogetta Turbo
5 500 Susanna Watt Codey
6 500 Peter Clynes Dash
7 500 Geraldine Kisielnicki Guirmere Jazz
8 500 Angie Gunther Bel Adele Super Star
9 500 Katie Kisielnicki Kayladene Triple Choc
10 500 Kathy Macmillan Corriedale Jessie
11 500 Ros Atyeo Paris
12 500 Dorothy Mitchell Bob
13 500 Heather Diamond Noonbarra Bob
14 500 Greg Milner Crash
15 400 Angie Gunther Bel Adele Scarlet Star
16 400 Scott Fletcher Ollie
17 400 Heather Eaves Daisy
18 400 Ron Diamond Spike
19 600 Karolyn DeGraaw Ziggy

Message From Sue Gonelli

Hi all,

This is just a reminder regarding the mock trial fundraiser at KCC Park this Sunday 13th.
Please come along if you can. $2 per run - run as many times as you like.
We will be using timing gates so it's a good opportunity for the younger
dogs to get used to them. There will also be a "judge" in the ring.

We will also be running our Team selection heats at 9am and 11.30am.
Come along and cheer for your future Victorian Team representatives!!

Set up is at 8am. It would be great if we could get some helpers.
The committee is quite happy to have Team selection candidates assist
with setting up the course (You all still have to run it!!).

We will be setting up in the area in front of the pavillion and
Westerport / GSD clubrooms.(Where K9 trains)

See you there!!


Selection Process

The Agility Committee has decided to try a different way to select
the Victorian team for the 2010 Agility Nationals in Perth.
Selection will be based on individual performances of Masters Agility Courses.
There will be 4 heats run over 2 separate dates.

The 5 dogs with the lowest aggregate score over the 4 heats will be selected
to represent Victoria in the teams event at the 2010 Agility Nationals in Perth.

Heats 1 & 2: Sunday 13th December, 2009 at 9am and 11.30am at KCC Park.

Heats 3 & 4: Saturday 6th February, 2010 at 7.00pm at KCC Park.

In the event of excessive heat (>35 C), the heats will be run later
in the evening when the temperature drops.

ANKC Rules will be used to decide the results for each heat with the following additions:
1. Each disqualification will incur 50 course faults, however, the dog
should continue to complete the remaining course as correctly as possible.
2. Further disqualification faults will be accumulated if more occur.
3. Failure to complete the course will incur a penalty of 200 course faults
in addition to any faults already accumulated.
4. Results will be determined by ANKC scoring with individual course times,
clear rounds, time faults, course faults and penalty faults
(and total disqualification faults if any) all being included.
5. In the event of a tied result where the total faults are equal,
placing's will be determined by the following:
Least total course faults from all 4 heats
Where total course faults are equal - lowest aggregate total time

Handlers must be already intending to travel to Perth.
Dogs must be > 18 months and registered with Dogs Victoria.
Dogs must be able to negotiate all obstacles safely and independently.

To apply, please forward your name and the dog's registered name,
number and height category to:

If you know of anyone who doesn't have access to this site,
please pass this information on.
I will have flyers available hopefully at Ballarat and Warrnambool Trials