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Mini Agility & Jumping Trial
The Velodrome,  Inglis St, Sale, Vic
Vic Roads Ref: 345 S6
Saturday 27 March 2010
One Ring Only, No Sponsorship, No Ribbons, No Prizes
Qualification cards able to be collected once they are printed.
Entries: Trial Secretary, Pat Brewer, 20 Newton Drive, Stratford, Vic 3862
Ph: 5145 6846  Email:  patbrew@bigpond.com
Cheques payable to East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club Inc
Entries close: Friday 19 March 2010 

Saturday 27 March 2010 
Start: Saturday Morning - Agility - Judging to commence 10.00am. 

AM Ring: Agility - Judge: Trevor Moore
Master Agility - ADM 1
Excellent Agility - ADX 2
Open Agility - ADO 3
Novice Agility - AD 4

Start: Saturday Afternoon - Jumping - Judging to commence not before 12.30pm. 

PM Ring: Jumping - Judge: Trevor Moore
Master Jumping - JDM 5
Excellent Jumping - JDX 6
Open Jumping - JDO 7
Novice Jumping -  JD 8
Entry Fee:  $7.00 Catalogue: Free

Conditions of EntryOfficial ANKC MULTI class entry form.  
If you do not have this form, email me and I will send you one.  
Please list all your classes on the one entry form.  
All titles must be noted.  When listing the class, please write in the format of ‘ADM 1’. 
My preference is to confirm all entries via email.  
If you do not have access to email, then please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

No check in, no vetting. 
Numbers to be collected from Secretary's office prior to competing. 
No Catering: BYO Lunch
Help yourself to Free Tea and Coffee.  
Cold Soft Drink and Water available for purchase