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Information About Electronic Timing Gates

Provided by Katie Kisielnicki

Updated May 2017 re Operation & Batteries
See Bolded Text

Hi Guys

Just some info regarding Timing Gates…Its awesome to see more trials using them, as most of you all know there is usually only a matter of 1 sec  between 1st  to 8th place in masters these days and on the other end of the scale it can be the difference between a pass and a time fault. So these timing gates are getting more and more popular which is AWESOME!!!!! Also we need to keep up with the other states as they all use timing gates.

The increase of using these gates has found Geraldine and myself bringing these gates to most trials, we don't mind storing these gates and carting them to each trial, gathering the cheques and sending the cheques to the correct people. The issue we are finding is we don't seem to be getting help from everyone setting these gates up, packing up and the general running of them.

Although the majority of people out there LOVE the idea and concept of the gates I do sometimes at trials hear complaints and negative comments about them, usually I find it's because they don't know how to use them or they simply don't like change!!!! For the ones who don't like change I can't help, but for these who don't know how to use them I thought I would gather some common mistakes people seem to have with them.

In each timing gate box there is a laminated step by step instruction on how to set the course time so the gates will automatically add up time faults for the scribes, however if your scribe wants to add the time faults manually that's OK, and then you can just use the timer for the dog's time.

1.       When the gates show one is not working generally it's because the RED gate is facing the sun. Make sure when putting the timing gates at the start and finish line the red gate has its back to the sun.

2.         The gates have a start gate and a finish gate, If the handler starts the course and for whatever reason does not finish the course by going through the last gate then you need to either ask the person to wave their arm through the gate or the scribe can manually stop the timer by pressing the big black button on the controller before the next dog starts its run.

3.         The gates need to be moved up and down at every height change, the gate have inches however we have marked each height category to make it easier.

4.       Batteries – Geraldine and I do try to change the batteries and check they are working but of course for whatever reason the batteries are low, each box has its own batteries –If you do choose to change the batteries PLEASE throw away the old ones don't put them back in the timing gates box.    More Info re Batteries - It is 24 AA Batteries per set so if 3 sets are hired it is 72 batteries. They will last about 3 - 4 trials, maybe more if operators remember to turn them off at lunchtime, etc. Bunnings have a special for a 30 pack of AA Batteries. Click Here

5.         PLEASE NEVER leave the controller in the rain as the scribes controller is not waterproof we have provided large thick plastic zip lock bags in each timing gate box that you need to use if it does start to rain. If you do see a controller getting wet please put it back in the box or get it out of the rain.

6.          Packing Up- When packing up the gates the battery pack needs to be removed from each gate however each individual battery does not need to be removed from its holder.

 NOTE the batteries from the controller do not need to be removed just switched off.

These gates are quite expensive being around $5,000.00 per set and do need to be looked after, however you don't need to be scared of them they are quite strong but like I said the controller is not waterproof so does need extra care.

Terry has added a link of information I have put together called "Secretaries" to our Vic agility site  This link has all the info on where, how much and who to contact regarding the timing gates and also equipment hire.

The more we use  the gates and the more people willing to learn how they work and go together the better we will  get at using this FANTASTIC Technology so please guys don't just leave it up to Geraldine, Kris and myself to do all the work with these gates, they are for all of us to use!!!

Thanks Guys


Katie Kisielnicki