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Hawkesbury Agility Trial February 2013


Agility & Jumping Trial
Bill Spilstead Complex For Canine Affairs, 
GSD Grounds, 44 Ludenham Rd, Erskine Park
Saturday 9th February 2013
Entries Close: Friday 1st February 2013
Classes to be judged: in Separate Heights: 
Agility: Novice, Excellent, Masters, Jumping: Novice, Excellent, Masters
In Combined Heights: RQH Agility, Jumping Open
Saturday Trial Secretary: Marissa Scheerhoorn, PO Box 265, Richmond NSW 2753
Ph: (02) 9838 1472 Email: Click Here to send an email
Entry Fee:  $8.00 
Extreme Weather Ph: 0409 656 315 (after 6.00pm on weekdays)
Paper Entries:  Use multi-entry form.
Cheques to be made payable to Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club Inc
Online Entries: Use the button below to create on-line entries. 
For this trial PayPal is unavailable, so there are two options to enter online:
1. Please use your Voucher issued by the club following the cancelled trial.
The Voucher will be approved by the Trial Secretary and then processed.
2. Or enter online and print the system generated  multi entry form, and post  
with a cheque made payable to Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club Inc.

 Entries can be verified online immediately when the voucher has been used 
and for all posted cheque entries when they are received.
The AgilityRun online system is being used for this trial due to the unavailability of e-Performance
Your indulgence is requested as you will need to populate your data from scratch.


Saturday 9th February 2013 
Check in 4.00pm - Start:  5.00pm. 
Judges & Classes
Mr R Mills (Qld): Novice/Excellent/Master Agility, Open Jumping    
Mrs B Murfet (Qld): Novice/Excellent/Master Jumping, RQH Agility

Order of Judging as per Catalogue

Catalogue and any other info will be available on-line. 

No formal vetting. 
 Refreshments: Not available



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