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JANUARY 2010 Croydon


Jumping & Agility Mini Trials
Silcock Reserve, 
William Rd,  Croydon, Vic
Sunday 24 & Sunday 31 January 2010
Entries: Trial Secretary, Susan Macmillan, PO Box 128, Park Orchards Vic 3114
Ph: 9879 9100  Email:  susanmacmillan2@gmail.com
Cheques payable to Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club Inc
Entries close: Friday 15 January 2010 (Jumping)
Sunday 24 January 2010 (Agility)
Or enter both trials at the same time by 15th January 2010

Note: 200 and 300 dogs will be given 10% extra SCT in Excellent, Open and Master, not Novice. 
Placings however will be decided on raw times.
Sunday 24 January 2010 (Jumping)
Start: Both Rings 8.00am. 2nd event follows but not before 9.00am

Ring 1  - Master/Novice Jumping: S Gonelli    
Ring 2 - Excellent/Open Jumping: S Pearson

Sunday 31 January 2010 (Agility)

Start: Both Rings 8.00am. 2nd event follows but not before 9.00am

Ring 1 - Novice/Master Agility: A Tilley          
Ring 2 - Open/Excellent Agility: C Makepeace
Entry Fee:  $6.00 
Entry forms can be separate or combined for both mini trials. Multi form much preferred.
Acknowledgement of Entries, running sheet and other info will be available on-line. 

No check in, no vetting. 
Competitor Numbers will be available at the ring immediately before the start of the class. 
Pass cards will be presented at ringside 10 -15 minutes after the last run while the next class is walking
 or while the equipment is being packed away.

This is a mini trial with no prizes, no ribbons, just pass cards.
We have tried to keep the costs low and to maximize the convenience to the competitor.
If you are only entering Excellent for example, you should arrive in enough time to walk the course
before the 8am start and you should be able to leave, pass card in hand if you are successful,
soon after the last Excellent dogs have run.
It is more difficult to judge when the second class will start because that depends on the number of entries,
but we will not start before 9am.
So if you enter Novice Jumping, arrive in enough time to walk the course for a possible 9am start.

We hope that the trial will be finished before the day gets too hot.
There will be plenty of water available and a mini pool in the shade for the dogs.

Please note – no parking available on ground.

 No Catering available