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K9 AGILITY CLUB - February Agility Trial


Twilight Open Agility/Jumping Trial 
KCC Park, Western Port Hwy, Skye Vic, Area 2
Saturday 22 February 2014
Entries Close: Friday 7th February 2014
Trial Secretary: Sarah Greenstreet
E-mail Queries: SGreenst@agl.com.au

Entry Fee:  $8.00 per class ($4.00 for 'Not For Competition' Open's*)
Catalogue: $3.00 paid with entries or available free for download at
http://www.agilitytrials.info a couple of days before trial.  
Catalogues will not be available on the night unless ordered with your entries.

10% extra SCT will be given to 200 and 300 dogs in all Agility and Jumping
classes except Novice. Placings decided on raw times.

Paper Entries: To Nikki Janetzki, PO Box 208, Nar Nar Goon, Vic 3812
 Cheques payable to K9 Agility Club Inc.
Multi-Entry form only. Include SSAE if receipt required. 

Online Entries: Please use the button to create on-line entries.
This is our preferred option & is the most accurate entry method. 
Click Here for more information re online entries
Please Note: No e-cheques accepted

Note Re The New Entry System Database from Trial Secretary Sarah Greenstreet
If you are using Alex's new online entry system (www.barkingmad.com.au) please make sure
 that your name and your dog's name(s) match your ANKC registration EXACTLY.                 
This means you must include your title (eg. Ms, Mr, Dr) if that is what you have registered,
and your initials or full name. This will ensure your pass cards are correct and will help your
hard-working trial secretaries!! You can easily change your details in Alex's system by going
 to the "My Details" screen. Good luck in 2014!!

Saturday 22 February

All Rings Start 5.30pm
Note: Start may be delayed in Extreme Heat

Ring 1 - Agility
Novice/Excellent/Master Agility A: Ms L Wilson

Ring 2 - Jumping
Master/Open*/Excellent/Novice Jumping A: Mr R Padfield

Ring 3 - Open Agility & Master B
Open Agility A*, Master Agility B, Master Jumping B: Ms A Claughton
NO Check In/Vetting - please collect exhibitor numbers prior to start of rings
 Catering: Westernport will be providing food
Special Awards: Fastest Jumping Dog, Fastest Agility Dog
Not including NFC Open Runs

*Not For Competition - Open Classes
The Open Jumping A & Open Agility A are being made available with an option
 for competitors  to enter as “Not For Competition”. This opportunity, for those so minded,
 to run their Dogs in an Official trial environment, under the normal control of a Judge, as
 a practice and experience gaining opportunity. No PASS can be attained, and these Dogs
will be run at the end of each height, no food allowed in the ring, if Toys are used they must
 be small, noiseless and never leave the handlers body, each run will have a maximum time of 
SCT in the ring so if/when Judge asks you to leave ring please do so immediately. 
Such Dogs cannot also enter these Opens for a normal run or PASS opportunity.



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