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Maddy Fletcher

Celebrating Her 8th Birthday With a Master's Title

Saturday 9th April at the Geelong Trial


Maddy's Story by her proud Mum, Kelly: 
Maddy started training Ollie at home under (her Dad) Scotty's instruction when she was 6 yrs old. With special permission she also started training at Moorabbin ODC. She also trains at Frankston ODC and Scotty takes equipment to her school and she trains after school on the school oval.
Some of her training comes when she's walking the ring when fellow handlers show her their more experienced moves. Her 1st trial was in 2010 at the Border Collie trial and gained 2 Novice Jumping passes at the age of 7 yrs. She has also achieved passes in Excellent Jumping and has come close to many
others. She has been competing now for 12 months but there have been many tantrums and tears in the early days as Ollie ran out of the ring to Scotty.
With lots of advice from fellow Agility competitors and hard work Maddy & Ollie are finally a team.
That elusive last pass in Masters Jumping for her title was achieved on her 8th birthday at Geelong on the 9th April with the crowd cheering her on.
We asked Maddy what she likes about Agility and in her words "I like to run" and "I like to beat my Dad". We would also like to sincerely thank everyone in the Agility community that have supported Maddy, this has helped her in her confidence both at trials and at school.



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