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MARCH 2010 WARRNAMBOOL November 2009 Agility Trial


'Back-to-Back' Obedience/Agility/Jumping Trials
Harris Street Reserve, Warrnambool Vic
Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 March 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 280, Warrnambool Vic 3280
Ph: 03 5562 9525 (AH) Mob:0419 134 640 (after 7.00pm)  
msalm@bigpond.com (preferable)
Cheques payable to Warrnambool DTS Inc
Receipts will be posted provided a SSAE is enclosed with entries
Entries close: Friday 12 February 2010

Saturday 6 March 2010

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am

Novice 1/Excellent/Open Jumping: R Diamond
Master/Novice 2 Jumping: S Gonelli
PM Trial - Start: 1.30pm (or not before 1 hour after AM Trial)

Novice/Excellent/Open Agility: S Gonelli
Open/Excellent/Novice Jumping: M Tyler
Master Agility/Master Jumping: C Makepeace

Sunday 7 March 2010

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am

Novice 1/Excellent/Open Jumping: C Makepeace
Master/Novice 2 Jumping: R Ashman
PM Trial - Start: 1.30pm (or not before 1 hour after AM Trial)

Novice/Excellent/Open Agility: C Makepeace
Open/Excellent/Novice Jumping: R Ashman
Master Agility/Master Jumping: M Tyler
Entry Fee: $9.00 Catalogue: $4.00 (covers both days, order with entries or download)
Catalogue available at www.wdts.org.au

NO VETTING (for Agility)
Check In: AM Trial - 7.45am - 8.30am Start: 9.00am (both days)
PM Trial - Start: 1.30pm or after a one (1) hour break following AM Trial whichever is the latest.
Ring winners: Prize & Sash. 2nd & 3rd Placegetters: Sash
Title Ribbons & Qualifying Score Cards
Other Awards: List incomplete, look at catalogue for details

Catering available

WARRNAMBOOL November 2009 Agility Trial


Agility/Jumping/Games Trials
Lucknow Reserve, Great Alpine Rd, Bairnsdale Vic
Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 March 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 335, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875
Ph: 0401 099 022 
Cheques payable to Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club Inc

Entries close: Monday 1st March 2010 

Saturday 13 March 2010

Trial A - Start: 9.00am

Agility Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master Agility:  A Tilley
Jumping Ring: Master/Novice/Excellent Jumping:  J Browne
Open Ring: Open Agility/Open Jumping:  L McKay
Games Ring: Excellent/Master/Novice Gamblers:  C Makepeace
Trial B - Start: Not Before 12.00pm

Agility Ring: Master/Novice/Excellent Agility:  C Shelton
Jumping Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master Jumping:  C Makepeace
Open Ring: Open Jumping/Open Agility:  J Browne
Games Ring: Excellent/Master/Novice Strategic Pairs:  R Padfield

Sunday 14 March 2010

Trial C - Start: 8.30am

Agility Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master Agility:  C Makepeace 
Jumping Ring: Master/Novice/Excellent Jumping:  C Shelton
Open Ring: Open Agility/Open Jumping:  R Padfield 
Games Ring: Excellent/Master/Novice Snooker:  L McKay
Trial D- Start: Not Before 12.00pm

Agility Ring: Master/Novice/Excellent Agility:  J Browne
Jumping Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master Jumping:  R Padfield
Open Ring: Open Jumping/Open Agility:  A Tilley

Note: SCT will be increased by 10% for 200 and 300mm dogs in
Excellent, Open and Masters Jumping and Agility.

Entry Fee: $8.00 Strategic Pairs $10 per pair - separate entry forms required.
Catalogue: $2.00 (all 4 trials)
Separate entry forms are to be used for each trial.
Multi-Entry form acceptable.
Please mark clearly Trial A, B, C and D next to class entered.
Please print clearly Height class for Agility, Jumping & Games. 
All titles to be stated clearly on entries.
The committee reserves the right to substitute judges 
if the entries are excessive.
Please state Club Membership for consideration for Special Awards.

No Vetting

Numbers: Please collect numbers from clubhouse on arrival (both days)
Sash and Trophy for 1st place in each class. Ribbons for 2nd & 3rd. 
Qualifying and Title Ribbons.
Fastest Time, Bairnsdale, East Gippsland (qualifying) and 
Gippsland (qualifying) Member. Trials B and D
Limited Catering

Papillon Agility Trial


10% SCT allowance in Agility & Jumping classes except Novice

Saturday 20 March 2010
Entries close: Friday 5th March 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary: Denise Chrystal, 2 Bowles St, Kangaroo Flat 3555
Ph: 03 5447 9708 Mobile: 0415 773 753 - email: kermits@tpg.com.au
Entry fee: $10 per Agility & Jumping Classes
$8 Games per Class (Includes VCA levies & charges & Catalogue)
Cheques payable to Papillon Club of Victoria Inc
Include E-mail address for confirmation of entries/enquiry.
Pairs partner assistance if required, contact Trial Secretary.
Please indicate Class Name and/or Number (For example MA1)

Saturday 20 March 2010
Ring 1 - Agility - Start: 8.00am
AGILITY: Master MA1 /Master MA2/Excellent EA1/Novice NA1: Ron Diamond
Followed By: BUT NOT BEFORE 11am
AGILITY: Master MA3 /Open OA1/Excellent EA2/Novice NA2: Heather Diamond

Ring 2 - Jumping - Start: 8.00am
 JUMPING: Excellent EJ1/Novice NJ1/Novice NJ2/Master MJ1: Heather Diamond
Followed By: BUT NOT BEFORE 11am
JUMPING: Open OJ1/Excellent EJ2/Novice NJ3/Master MJ2: Ron Diamond

Ring 3 - Games - Start: 8.00am Roger Will Be Stopping For Lunch approx. 12 Noon
 Strategic Pairs: Novice NSP/Excellent ESP/Master MSP: Roger Padfield
Followed By: 
 Gamblers: Excellent EG/Novice NG//Master MG: Roger Padfield
Followed By: 
Snooker: Master MS/Excellent ES/Novice NS: Roger Padfield

NO CHECK-IN or VETTING however numbers are to be collected 
prior to class judging commencing in each ring.
Judging Commences: 8.00am.

Awards: 1st place - Trophy & Sash
2nd & 3rd place - Sash
Best in Trial:  Agility/Jumping - Sash
Best Papillon in Trial: Agility/Jumping - Sash
Sash donated by Graegill Papillons
Best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Trial: Sash
Sash donated by Bronwyn Gascoigne SA
List incomplete, refer to Catalogue on the day

Donations to Trophy table and class sponsorship invited

One presentation at the conclusion of judging for the day.
Non placegetter cards may be collected prior to presentation

The Victorian Agility Committee will be holding 
a Twilight Strategic Pairs Trial same date same venue. 

K9 AGILITY February 2010 Agility Trial



Triple Twilight Strategic Pairs Trial 
KCC Park, Western Port Hwy, Skye Vic 
Saturday 20 March 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary, Jo Lucas, 231 Stumpy Gully Rd, Balnarring Vic 3926
E-mail: jolucas2@bigpond.net.au     Ph: 0359 832329 
Cheques Payable to: Dogs Victoria Inc

Entries Close: Friday 5th March 2010

10% extra SCT will be given to 200 and 300 dogs in Excellent & Master,
not Novice. Placings will be decided on raw times.

All Rings Start 6.30pm

Ring 1 
Novice/Excellent/Master Strategic Pairs: S Gonelli

Ring 2 
Excellent/Master/Novice Strategic Pairs: C Makepeace

Ring 3 
Master/Novice/Excellent Strategic Pairs: C Shelton
Entry Fee:  $8.00 per pair, entries must be stapled together.
Multi Entry Form should be used.

Catalogue: $2.00 or will be available from the Files section of AgilityVictoria. 
Catalogues must be ordered and will not be available on the night.
Numbers available from 5.30pm (no check-in/vetting).

The Committee reserves the right to substitute judges if required.

This is a Fund Raising Trial so will be ribbons only.
No Catering available. 

This Trial Follows the Papillon Trial



Mini Agility & Jumping Trial
The Velodrome,  Inglis St, Sale, Vic
Vic Roads Ref: 345 S6
Saturday 27 March 2010
One Ring Only, No Sponsorship, No Ribbons, No Prizes
Qualification cards able to be collected once they are printed.
Entries: Trial Secretary, Pat Brewer, 20 Newton Drive, Stratford, Vic 3862
Ph: 5145 6846  Email:  patbrew@bigpond.com
Cheques payable to East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club Inc
Entries close: Friday 19 March 2010 

Saturday 27 March 2010 
Start: Saturday Morning - Agility - Judging to commence 10.00am. 

AM Ring: Agility - Judge: Trevor Moore
Master Agility - ADM 1
Excellent Agility - ADX 2
Open Agility - ADO 3
Novice Agility - AD 4

Start: Saturday Afternoon - Jumping - Judging to commence not before 12.30pm. 

PM Ring: Jumping - Judge: Trevor Moore
Master Jumping - JDM 5
Excellent Jumping - JDX 6
Open Jumping - JDO 7
Novice Jumping -  JD 8
Entry Fee:  $7.00 Catalogue: Free

Conditions of EntryOfficial ANKC MULTI class entry form.  
If you do not have this form, email me and I will send you one.  
Please list all your classes on the one entry form.  
All titles must be noted.  When listing the class, please write in the format of ‘ADM 1’. 
My preference is to confirm all entries via email.  
If you do not have access to email, then please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

No check in, no vetting. 
Numbers to be collected from Secretary's office prior to competing. 
No Catering: BYO Lunch
Help yourself to Free Tea and Coffee.  
Cold Soft Drink and Water available for purchase