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MAY 2010 Bulla Trial


Open Agility, Jumping & Strategic Pairs Fundraising Trial
Bulla Exhibition Centre, Uniting Lane, Bulla.

Saturday 8th May 2010
Entries To: Heather Tilley,125 Reservoir Rd, Yan Yean, 3755. 
E-mail Enquiries: trials@bad.org.au
Cheques payable to Bulla Agility Dogs Inc
Entries: $8.00 per entry, BAD members $7 per entry
Strategic pairs $12.00 per entry, entries must be stapled together. 
Official Multi-Entry Form to be used - separate form for SP entries. 
Classes must be clearly marked (eg. Master Jumping A) .
Catalogue $3.00 – pre-ordered/prepaid with entries. 
Will also be available from www.bad.org.au 
a couple of days before the trial

Entries Close: Friday 23rd April 2010
All Rings Start at 9.00am

Ring 1: Jumping 
Master/Excellent/Novice Jumping A : S Pearson
Master Jumping B, Open Jumping A : S Pearson

Ring 2:  SP's and Agility 
Master/Excellent/Novice Strategic Pairs A : P Buykx
Novice Agility, Master Agility B, Open Agility : R Padfield P Buykx

Ring 3: Agility and SP's 
Excellent Agility, Master Agility A : A Claughton
 Master/Excellent/Novice Strategic Pairs B : T Moore

Ring 4: Jumping 
Novice Jumping B, Novice/Master Jumping C : C Makepeace
 Excellent/Open Jumping B : P Gavin
No lunch break between classes.
No check in or vetting. 
Numbers available from the office after 8.00am
Only one presentation at the conclusion of the day.

We are planning to hold a fun veterans event (time allowing).
This will be confirmed at close of entries.
Entry fee will be $2 paid on the day and winner will be drawn from a hat.

Message from Trial Secretary Heather (21 April)

To all those thinking of entering Bulla Agility Dogs (BAD) first agility trial -
entries close Friday so enter NOW!!
We won't get final confirmation of whether there will be catering for competitors until the
week of the trial but it looks likely that the Calabrians will be doing catering for trial day.
Entries will be confirmed by email (if you provide an email address) or post (if you provide an SSAE).
We are also intending to offer a veterans class for those dogs no longer competing so
they can relive their time in the limelight - most of the dogs still love their agility and
the course will be such that jumps can be at a height your dog can cope with,
tunnels for fun and optional weavers - no difficult angles and lots of fun. I remember
putting one of my old dogs in a veterans class in the past and the bars were on the ground
because she couldn't judge well where the bars were to jump them but she was so pleased
with herself and bounced around me telling me how much fun she was having. Give the oldies
a fun day out. We will confirm this class when entries have been finalised to ensure it will fit
into the time schedule Entries will be $2 taken on the day and one lucky winner will be drawn
out of a hat for a prize.
I can be contacted with any enquiries at trials@bad.org.au
Heather Tilley

Further Message from Trial Secretary Heather (4 May)

Just to let you know it has been confirmed that the kiosk will be open on Saturday.

 Veterans Class will be held at lunchtime so bring along all those retired dogs
that just want a bit of fun. $2 entry to be paid on the day.
Two prizes will be drawn out of a hat for the winners –
lots of yummy home-made dog biscuits.


Prizes are:            
A Flexi Tunnel
Two prizes of a single bar jump
A Dog Hamper
A Canister of dog biscuits
A Bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky
A Fosters Beer Mirror
Tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5 or 7 for $10.

Click Here to see the map for those who have not been to Bulla before.
You can park and set up all round the rings but please do not park in the marked
Committee or Calabrian Club parks. Please do not set up between the rings,
close to the ring ropes or under the shelter of the kiosk/secretary’s office.

The catalogue will be uploaded in a couple of days. 

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

Heather Tilley

Any enquiries email me at: trials@bad.org.au


Knox Agility trial


Double Open Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
Knox Park, Cnr Ferntree Gully & Scoresby Rds, Knoxfield  Vic (Mel 73 D6)
Saturday 15 May 2010

Entries: Mrs. W. Hansen, 13 Elmstead Crt. Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156 
Ph: 9758 6493 
Entry fee - $8.00 for Agility, Jumping, Gamblers & Snooker entries. 
$10.00 per Strategic Pair. 
Please staple strategic pairs entries together & on a separate form please
Catalogue $2.00 (to be ordered with entry as there will be no on-line catalogue)  
Cheques payable to Knox Obedience Dog Club Inc
Multi entry forms accepted, one per dog per trial (am & pm)

Entries close: Friday 30 April 2010

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am
Ring 1:  - Open/Master Agility:  R Padfield  C Shelton
Ring 2:  - Novice/Excellent Jumping : M Tyler
Ring 3: - Excellent/Novice Agility: R Diamond
              - Novice Snooker : T Moore  
Ring 4: - Master/Excellent/Novice Strategic Pairs : S Pearson
Ring 5: - Master/Open Jumping: C Makepeace

PM Trial - To Follow AM Trial

Ring 1: - Master/Excellent/Novice Gamblers: P Buykx
Ring 2: - Open/Master Jumping : J Browne
Ring 3: - Excellent/Master Snooker : T Moore
Novice/Excellent Agility : M Tyler
Ring 4: - Master/Open Agility: R Ashman
Ring 5: - Excellent/Novice Jumping : A Tilley

Knox ODC reserves the right to substitute judges without

No Check-in/Vetting
Competitors to collect numbers prior to start of rings 

Prizes awarded for class winners and ribbons awarded for places and titles.

 Catering available

NOTE: No parking on the grounds unless by prior arrangement
with the trial Secretary for those with limited mobility.



Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
Richard Silcock Reserve, William Rd, Croydon Vic (Melway 51 A1)

Saturday 22 May 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary: Susan Macmillan, PO Box 128, Park Orchards, Vic 3114
Ph: 9879 9100 - susanmacmillan2@gmail.com
Entry fee - $9.00 for each agility and jumping entry. $12.00 per strategic pair.

Catalogue $2.00 with entries or free download 
Cheques payable to Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club Inc

Entries close: Monday 10 May 2010

Absolutely No Late Entries Accepted

On-line/Paperless/Electronic Entries: Preferred.
Please use the button below to create entries, 
and to check acknowledgement of entries

Note: For Strategic Pairs, both handlers enter and pay for their own dog
 and nominate the other dog, and the system will create the pair.
Alternatively you can submit a separate SP entry on their behalf.
If using paper entries:
Multi entry forms preferred- One entry form per dog .
If there are more than 7 entries for one dog, submit an am and a pm form.
Type judge’s initials in the club use only column.

Please staple strategic pairs entries together

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am

Please mark the agility or jumping event you wish to enter
with the judge’s initials rather than am and pm

Ring 1: AGILITY am - Excellent/Novice/Master Agility RA :  R Ashman
                             pm - Excellent/Master Agility SP : S Pearson  

Ring 2: JUMPING am - Novice/Master/Excellent/Open Jumping PB : P Buykx
               AGILITY pm - Novice/Open Agility TM : T Moore

am - Open/Excellent/Master Jumping CM : C Makepeace
                               pm - Excellent/Master/Novice Jumping RP : R Padfield  A Tilley

Ring 4: AGILITY am
- Master/Excellent/Open Agility AT: A Tilley
          ST PAIRS  pm - Master/Excellent/Novice Strategic Pairs : J Browne
 Numbers Available from 8:00 am (No Check-in/Vetting) 
If you intend to arrive after 8.30 please let us know beforehand to avoid being scratched

 Acknowledgement of Entries, Catalogue and other info will be available on-line.


Start time 9:00am, afternoon rings will follow on completion of morning rings    

       Single Presentation to be held at the end of the day.

       Non-placegetter Pass Cards may be picked up early


Catering and dog supplies available. Please note – no parking available on ground.