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MAY 2011 Ballaarat


Open Agility & Jumping Trial
Military Drive, Victoria Park, Ballarat
 Sunday 1st May 2011
Entries Close: Sunday 17th April
 Entries: Barbara Adams, 2 Poplar St, Wendouree, Vic 3355
Enquiries: Trial Manager, Ellen Mucha E-mail: trial@bdoc.com.au
Ph: 0438 389 421 not after 8.30pm 
Entry Fee: $8.00 All Classes
Catalogue: $2.00 with entries or free to download at www.bdoc.com.au 
Cheques payable to Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. Entries confirmed by SSAE.
BDOC reserves the right to substitute Judges if necessary.
Anyone entering only one round in any class will automatically 
go into first-listed round unless CLEARLY specified on entry form.
Reminder: The Multi entry form is the standard entry form.

Rings ABC - Start: 9.00am
Ring A - Agility: Open-A1, Excellent-A2, Novice-A3 Agility: Peter Buykx          
Ring B - Jumping: Novice-B1, Novice-B2, Excellent-B3 Jumping: Murray Tyler
Ring C - Masters: Master-C1, Master-C2 Agility: Michael Cowman                   
Rings DEF - Follow ABC not before 11.30am (No lunch break)

Ring D - Agility: Novice-D1, Excellent-D2, Excellent-D3 Agility: Michael Cowman
Ring E - Jumping: Excellent-E1, Open-E2, Novice-E3 Jumping: Peter Buykx        
Ring F - Masters: Master-F1, Master-F2, Master-F3 Jumping: Murray Tyler         

Numbers: Available from 8.00 - 8.45am & must be collected from Office before judging starts.

Prizes: 1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place Ribbons. 
One presentation at the end of the day. 
Non-placegetter pass cards will be available prior to presentation excluding final rings judged.

Catering available
Major Sponsor: 4Legs
HVCV Trial

6th Agility & Jumping Trial
Restricted to Group 3 (Gundogs)
KCC Park, Westernport Highway, Skye, 
Saturday 7 May 2011
   Entries Close: Friday 22nd April 2011

Entries: Trial Secretary, Rebecca Sloan, 10 Springbank Rise, Narre Warren North 3804
Ph: 99700 0303  Email: becksloan@bigpond.com
Entry Fee:  $14.00 First Exhibit (Agility or Jumping). 
          $10 Subsequent Exhibits & Entries 
        Includes Catalogue & VCA levies
Entry Form: MULTI class entry formPlease list agility/jumping classes on the one entry form.  
All titles & jump height must be shown.  
Entries will not be accepted without fees
Cheques payable to The Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria Inc

Agility & Jumping - Start 9.30am
 Agility Ring: 
Master/Excellent/Open/Novice Agility:  H Diamond

 Jumping Ring: 
Novice/Open/Excellent/Master Jumping:  R Diamond

No check in, no vetting, pick-up numbers from 9.00am
No catering available.
Trophy list incomplete (refer catalogue for full details)
Catalogue advertising available  contact Secretary (03) 9700 0303

Bulla Trial

Open Agility & Jumping Trial
Bulla Exhibition Centre, Uniting Lane, Bulla.

Saturday 14th May 2011
Entries Close: Friday 29th April 2011
Entries To: Heather Tilley,125 Reservoir Rd, Yan Yean, 3755. 
E-mail Enquiries: trials@bad.org.au
Cheques payable to Bulla Agility Dogs Inc
Entries: $8.00 per entry, BAD members: $7 per entry
Official Multi-Entry Form to be used - One form per dog for the day. 
Classes must be clearly marked (eg. Master Jumping A) .
Entries will be confirmed by email (if you provide an email address) or post (if you provide an SSAE).
Catalogue $3.00  pre-ordered/prepaid with entries. 
Will also be available from www.bad.org.au 
a couple of days before the trial
10% extra time for 200 + 300 height dogs in all classes except Novice.

For Those Who Prefer A Table Version of Classes Click Here

14 May 2011
AM (Before Lunch) - Start 9.00am
Ring 1: Master Jumping A: Sue Gonelli, Master Jumping B: P Buykx  
Ring 2: Novice Agility A, Novice Agility B,  Novice Agility C,: H Diamond
Ring 3: Open Agility, Master Agility A : C Shelton       
Ring 4: Excellent Jumping A/Excellent Jumping B/Excellent Jumping C: C Makepeace
PM (After Lunch) 
Ring 1: Master Jumping C, Open Jumping: R Padfield
Ring 2:  Master Agility B: A Tilley, Master Agility C: P Buykx 

Ring 3: Excellent Agility A/Excellent Agility B/Excellent Agility C: C Shelton
Ring 4: Novice Jumping A/Novice Jumping B/Novice Jumping C: P Gavin
No check in or vetting. 
Numbers available from the office after 8.00am
Only one presentation at the conclusion of the day.

Veterans Event: There will be a Veterans event at lunchtime for all those older dogs
which are no longer trialling. 
Entry fee will be $2 on the day & a winner will be drawn from a hat.


Knox Agility trial


Double Open Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
Knox Park, Cnr Ferntree Gully & Scoresby Rds, Knoxfield  Vic (Mel 73 D6)
Saturday 21st May 2011
Entries Close: Friday 6 May 2011

Entries: Mrs. W. Hansen, 13 Elmstead Crt. Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156 
Ph: 9758 6493 
Entry Fee: $8.00 all Classes (Agility, Jumping, Gamblers & Snooker) 
Catalogue: $2.00 (to be ordered with entry as there will be no on-line catalogue)  
Cheques payable to Knox Obedience Dog Club Inc
Multi entry forms accepted, one per dog per trial (am & pm)

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am
Ring 1:  Master Agility:  Mrs L McKay
Novice Gamblers: Mr R Padfield
Ring 2:  Master Jumping: Mr J Browne
Master Snooker: Mr A Tilley
Ring 3:  Excellent/Open/Novice Agility: Mr M Tyler
Ring 4:  Novice/Excellent/Open Jumping: Mrs H Diamond

PM Trial - To Follow AM Trial

Ring 1:  Excellent/Master Gamblers: Mr R Padfield
              Master Agility: Mrs H Diamond
Ring 2:  Excellent/Novice Snooker: Mr A Tilley
Master Jumping: Mrs L McKay
Ring 3:  Novice/Open/Excellent Agility: Mr P Gavin
Ring 4:  Open/Excellent/Novice Jumping: Mr M Cowman

Knox ODC reserves the right to substitute judges without

No Check-in/Vetting
Competitors to collect numbers prior to start of rings 

Prizes awarded for class winners and ribbons awarded for places and titles.

 Catering available

NOTE: No parking on the grounds unless by prior arrangement
with the trial Secretary for those with limited mobility.


Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
Richard Silcock Reserve, William Rd, Croydon Vic (Melway 51 A1)

Saturday 28th May 2011
Entries Close: Friday 13th May 2011
 Absolutely No Late Entries Accepted
Trial Secretary: Susan Macmillan, PO Box 128, Park Orchards, Vic 3114
Enquiries: 9879 9100 - susanmacmillan2@gmail.com
Entry Fee:   $9.00 all classes
Catalogue: $2.00 with entries or free download 
Electronic entries much preferred. 
 Acknowledgement of Entries, Catalogue and other info will be available on-line.

On-line/Paperless/Electronic Entries: Preferred.
Please use the button below to create entries, 
and to check acknowledgement of entries
Click Here for more information re online entries.

 If using paper entries: Multi Entry Form must be used.
And cheques payable to Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club Inc

If there are more than 7 entries for one dog, submit an AM and a PM form.

Please indicate the agility or jumping event you wish to enter
with the Judge’s Initials (in the Club Use Only column) rather than AM and PM

Saturday 28 May 2011

AM Rings - Start: 9.00am

Ring 1: AGILITY - Excellent/Novice/Master Agility PB :  Peter Buykx
Ring 2: JUMPING - Novice/Master/Excellent/Open Jumping MC : Michael Cowman
Ring 3: JUMPING - Open/Excellent/Master Jumping CM : Clive Makepeace
Ring 4: AGILITY - Master/Excellent/Open Agility CS: Chris Shelton
 PM Rings - Follow-on from AM Rings
Ring 1: AGILITY - Excellent/Master Agility RP : Roger Padfield  
Ring 2: AGILITY - Novice/Open Agility JB : James Browne
Ring 3: JUMPING - Excellent/Master/Novice Jumping AC : Annette Claughton
Ring 4: SNOOKER - Novice/Excellent/Master Snooker PB : Peter Buykx
10% extra SCT will be given to 200 and 300 dogs in all Agility and Jumping
classes except Novice. Placings decided on raw times.

Numbers Available from 8:00 am (No Check-in/Vetting)
Single Presentation to be held at the end of the day.

Non-placegetter Pass Cards may be picked up early

Catering and dog supplies available.
Please note – no parking available on ground.