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Message From Katie Kisielnicki

The Agility Committee has decided to keep with the selection process that has been used for the past 2 nationals as we have found it works really well and give both handler and dog a feel for what it’s like to run under pressure representing the team at nationals, it also allows everyone a chance to try out for the Victorian team for the 2014 Agility Nationals in Queensland.
Selection will be based on individual performances of Masters Agility Courses.
There will be 4 heats run over 2 separate dates. 

The 6 dogs (5 will compete & 1 emergency) with the lowest aggregate score over the 4 heats will be selected to represent Victoria in the teams event at the 2014 Agility Nationals in Queensland.

Details are below:

Selection Event:
• Dog / Handler team members will be selected using scores from 4 "heats" over masters level agility courses
• 3 best scores out of the 4 heats will be used with worst score discarded
• Scoring will be based on team rules listed below
• 6 Dog / Handler teams with the lowest scores will be selected – 5 will compete and 1 emergency

Criteria for entry:
• Handler / Dog teams should be intending to travel to Queensland Nationals already
• Dogs, Owners / Handlers must be registered with Dogs Victoria and resident in Victoria
• Dogs must already be competing at ANKC agility trials
• Dogs must be confident on ALL obstacles

Try out Dates:

Heats 1 & 2-selection will be on Saturday 15th February @ 6pm

Heats 3 & 4 - selection will be on Saturday 5th April @ 9am

Heats will be held at KCC Park Area 2 (behind the Lyndhurst room)

After the heats we will run a fundraiser event same as last time where you pay a donation to have a fun run over the course that is set up. One course will remain masters standard the other course will be adjusted to be an easier level.

Entry process:
An on line system has been created which will require your name dogs name, height etc. Once you submit the entry you will receive an email confirmation and a copy will be sent to a data base so we can create a running order. This running order will be published closer to the date.

Entries Close: 
Wednesday 5th February

• Each team will compete individually over each Trial Course in the designated running order.
• The ANKC Ltd Rules for The Conduct of Agility Trials will be used to decide the results with the following differences:-
• A disqualification will incur 50 penalty faults. However the dog should continue and complete the course as correctly as possible as further faults under the standard rules will be accumulated as they occur and further disqualifications will each incur a further 50 penalty faults.
• NOTE: A dog will score the 50 fault penalty on each occasion that it goes off-course. No regard is to be taken of how many "out of order" obstacles it takes on each occasion.
• A dog that is withdrawn from the ring, or fails to complete the course for any reason, will incur a score of 200 penalty faults. The maximum faults that a dog can incur is 200. 
• Results will be determined by ANKC Ltd scoring – i.e. Individual performances will be recorded with Clear Rounds, Course Faults, Time, Faults and Penalty Faults being incurred and totaled.

Entire bitches will be eligible to try out for teams if in season.

Bitches in season will be required to run last in the running order of their ring and will only enter the event precinct immediately prior to their competing and will leave the trial precinct straight after their round. A start line mat will be required for their starting position in the ring and will be placed at the exit gate near their lead. In order to accommodate this the Agility Committee reserves the right to schedule the running order and the height order appropriately on the day, or to make changes to the published schedule if the need arises.

Entry Form:
This online form is the official entry form for the Vic Team Selection Trials and entries will close Wednesday 5th February. You should receive an acknowledgement email shortly after entering. If there are any problems please use the Contact Form