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NSW Nationals Information

Wed 13th to Sun 17th June 2012

NSW 2012 Nationals:  


28th June 2012  Nationals Courses   In PDF format. Click 'Courses' on the menu.

21st June 2012  Nationals Photos

Photos by:       Luke Wilby

                          Badger Photography
                          On The Ball

                          Jennifer Fairley (added 6th July)

30th April 2012  The BIG News - Vic Team Selected
Congratulations to those who qualified for the Victorian team to go to the Nationals. For those not on Facebook, Renee reported that Karolyn De Graauw & Ziggy, Ros Atyeo & Paris, Katie Kisielnicki & Kirra, Geraldine Kisielnicki & Merlot, Laura Distefano & Nellie, and Nikki Janetzki & Azra are the Vic team ror 2012. A super team. May you go well at the Nationals and do Victoria proud!!!

26th April 2012 - Electronic Table to be used at the Nationals
For those not on the Agility-Australia List the NSW Committee has made the decision to use the electronic table at the 2012 Nationals. It will be used every day, including the finals. This type of table will certainly be standard equipment in the future enabling consistent & accurate timing, but handlers from most states (other than NSW) could be disadvantaged (STRESS: BY DEFAULT) unless those handlers are able to practice on the table if it is made available at some stage prior to their events. So importantly, watch out for the announcement advising practice times, where and when. Click Here for the Decision

7th January 2012 - Photos of the Indoor Sandy Surface - Click Here

12th January 2012 - Polo Shirts - Do you want to review your order?
Original Colours     New Colours: - Blue   White  
(Darker Blue?) (White stitching will not appear on finished product)
If you want to change order Contact Ronnie soon.

28th December 2011 - Orders for Polo Shirts required by Thur 5th January  - Click Here

14th November 2011 - Vic Team Selection Trials for NSW Nationals 2012  - Click Here

8th November 2011 - Merchandise Details released - Click Here
Note from Alyssa:  Hi everyone,
Your National Agility Trial NSW 2012 Merchandising Committee has been working to provide you with a selection of high quality merchandise. All merchandise is pre ordered, there will not be an opportunity to buy the shirts, jackets, vests or caps during the trial. Please ensure you take care in ordering your correct size as we will not be able to exchange or refund.
Our shirts, I hope you agree are very original. As a result these shirts are made and constructed off shore in China. We have agonised over colours and have given you a choice of 2. We have been advised by our distributor that to guarantee you receive your shirt/s in time we need you to order by 5th January 2012. This is due to a number of factors including the Chinese New Year Celebrations in the middle of production where the factory closes down for 1 month, the time taken to manufacture and construct the shirts and then the time for them to come to us from the distributor. Don't leave it to the last minute, order your shirts now. All other merchandise can be ordered up until the 15th April 2012.
We will try and have samples of the jackets, and vests for you to look at, feel and try on at the Dogs NSW Agility Committee Jumping Trial. Feel free to come and talk to either Ronnie,
ronnalyn4@bigpond.com Marilyn McKenzie, Karen Sheedy or Alyssa if you would like more information.
Your Merchandising Committee

12th September 2011 - SCHEDULE RELEASED - Click Here

26th July 2011 - Note from Julia Barnett re Accommodation - Click Here

18th June 2011

Margaret Taylor of the DOGS NSW Agility Committee has confirmed (13/05/11) that the dates for the NSW Agility Nationals are Wednesday 13th June to Sunday 17th June 2012. The heats will be on Wednesday to Saturday, with the finals on the Sunday. 
Venue: Sydney International Equestrian Centre - Saxony Rd, Horsley Park
Agility Rings:
2 Indoor & 3 Outdoor. (dogs will need to be in crates for indoor rings)
Accommodation: Cabins (Dogs may be allowed in cabins, but must be housed in crates)
                               Powered Camp Sites
                         Website: http://www.agilitynationals2012.com.au/  

Agility Trial Prior to Nationals - 10 & 11 June 2012 - Camden NSW
Message From Alyssa Ablitt
The ADAA NSW Agility competition organisers are excited to announce that there will be a double trial leading up to the Agility Nationals to be held in NSW in June 2012.
A double header will be held Sunday 10th and Monday 11th June 2012. (Queens Birthday Long Weekend)
Venue: Bicentennial Equestrian Park at Camden, utilising the Polo Cross Fields and camp draft facilities, access from Sheathers Lane
Camping available from Saturday 9th June (pm) with all competitors to vacate no later than 12 noon Tuesday 12th June.
Non powered camping available ring side for $5 per night per person.
Powered camping sites available non ring side for $10 per night per person
Plenty of hot showers and kitchen available with fridge.
Off lead area available to run and walk the dogs. 5 min drive to Camden for supplies, including Coles and Woolies. Local pubs and clubs provide great meals.

If you require any additional information please email me privately a.ablitt@uws.edu.au

Alyssa Ablitt

Photos of the Indoor Sandy Surface of the NSW Nationals Equestrian Centre Venue
Photos by Tammy Watts

 NOTE: If there are any errors, omissions, etc or any required additions, or suggestions, please contact me by clicking here



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2012 NSW
Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th June 2012Nationals   
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