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Laura Distefano & Nellie Girl Achieve AG CH 400 Status

At Bulla on Saturday 12th May 2012

Congratulations to Laura Distefano and

Nellie was the first dog I ever attempted agility with, let alone get our AG CH 400 title together. Nellie a chocolate border collie mix that was purchased as a present from my parents, she is the most amazing  little dog that has completely changed my life!

Nel started her agility career later in life, I did attempt with her  when she was around 2 years old, but due to her cheeky and somewhat naughty puppy antics I decided it was not for us and left it at that.

These naughty antics carried on for sometime through her adolescence  and well into her adulthood. Nel was not always the happy noble little chappy. I am sure everyone thinks she is, in fact her puppy path of destruction included our wooden garage door, outdoor furniture, the  seat belt and handbrake in my first car and I cannot tell you how many  beds I replaced for her during her first short few months of living.

It was hard work convincing my parents she didn't belong in a pound  and the stress of beating my parents home at the end of the day in her younger years to clean up the path of destruction she may have left during the day did take its toll.

When Nellie turned 5 (with a bit of coaxing from my mum) I decided to try agility again, this time instead of Nel biting at me, we were told to bring tug toys to class and of course this was right up Nel's alley, this was a language she understood! One trait Nel has always possessed is she will put her absolute heart into everything and anything conceived as work, I really admire her work ethic.

I love seeing her happy smile as she is running around the agility field and she has taught me so much.

Nel's agility career achievements include:

Excellent agility 400 finalist 2010 WA Nationals 

First place Excellent agility 400 finalist 2010 WA Nationals 

AG CH 400 Title 

Victorian state team member 2012 

Top dog jumping finalist 2012 

Top dog agility finalist 2012

I am very proud of my special mate AG CH 400 Nellie Girl ADM ADO JDM JDO GD HT PT.