We are pleased to announce that the Victorian Agility Committee has been formed by the following:
   - Tammy Beattie
   - Cassie Crew
   - Renee Patten
   - Stephen Pearson and...

   - Christine McDonald
The new Committee will advise when Committee positions have been decided.
We know that they will be enthusiastic advocates for Victorian agility and we hope that the whole community will support them - particularly through the upcoming rules review which they will coordinate for Victoria.
We thank the outgoing Committee members:
Nikki Janetzki, Julie Chapman and Sarah Greenstreet
for their contribution. In particular, we thank Nikki for her exceptional service to the Victorian agility community. Nikki has worked tirelessly over the last 6 years - amongst other things running the State Agility Trials and being pivotal in the National Agility Trial this year.