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Note From Greg Milner re  BCCV Catalogue & Walking
BCCV Trial 11 April 2015

BCCV Catalogue, here it is. Speak now if any entry looks wrong. But the catalogue will not be changing

BUT please read on, especially Masters Competitors:

FIRST: the height running order in the whole trial is designed to make resetting bars an absolute minimum, even at track and Judge changes.

SECOND: for Masters Crew, ADM-1 is NOT a split walk, first class should have plenty of time to get everyone ready.

THIRD: BUT the other 3 Master classes have been split in a variation of what Warnambool tried a month back, even quantity of dogs in each walk! I have tweaked this idea a little though. If you have multiple 500 Dogs in the same Masters all your dogs are in the same Walk. You'll see the 600's and the high 500's that includes Multi doggers in a walk, and the other walk is 200 - 300 and low 500 singles. At Warny many people got an intro to this idea. And with 3 days to go I see no reason why Masters people should not easily have a sense of what Walk is their Walk.

Yes this is a change/experiment, I will look forward to any constructive critical discussions AFTER the trial, NOT before. I have licence from Anne Woods​ to do the same for Action Dogs that I will be doing the cat for starting Sunday night


Greg Milner