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NOVEMBER 2010 Bairnsdale Agility Trial


Obedience/Agility/Jumping/Games Trials
Lucknow Reserve, Great Alpine Rd, Lucknow (Bairnsdale) Vic

Saturday 6th November 2010

Entries Close: Friday 22nd October 2010 

Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 335, Bairnsdale, Vic 3875
Ph: 0401 099 022
Entry Fees: $8 per Class, $1 per Catalogue (Trial A & B separate catalogues)
 Note: SCT will be increased by 10% for 200 and 300mm dogs in
Excellent, Open and Masters Jumping and Agility.
Cheques payable to: Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club Inc
Conditions of Entry: Please mark clearly Trial A or Trial B next to class entered.
Please print clearly HAS in mm for Obedience or Height Class. for Agility, Jumping & Games. 
All titles to be stated clearly on entries.
Separate entry forms for Obedience & Agility (Multi-Form for Agility)
The committee reserves the right to substitute judges if the entries are excessive.
Please state Club Membership for consideration for Special Awards.

Saturday 6 November 2010

Trial A - Obedience - Start: 9.00am

CCD & Novice:  Mrs Dawn Howard
Open:  Mrs Lorna Parker              
UD & UDX:  Mr Trevor Moore       
Trial B - Agility/Jumping & Games  Start: Not Before 12.30pm

Agility Ring: Excellent/Master/Open/Novice Agility:  Mrs Dawn Howard
Jumping Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master/Open Jumping:  Mr Trevor Moore
Games Ring: Mast/Exc/Nov Gamblers; Nov/Exc/Mast Snooker: Mr James Browne

Check-in & Vetting:
Obedience: 8.00 to 8.45am
Agility: No vetting. Collect numbers prior to start of judging

Sash and Trophy for 1st place in each class. Ribbons for 2nd & 3rd. 
Qualifying and Title Ribbons.
Highest score in Obedience trial.
Highest scoring Bairnsdale member in CCD.
Highest scoring Bairnsdale, East Gippsland & Gippsland member in trial.
Fastest Time, Bairnsdale and Gippsland Member.
Limited Catering



Obedience/Agility/Jumping Trial
Toners Lane, Morwell Vic
Sunday 7 November 2010

Entries Close: Monday 18th October

Entries: Trial Secretary, Miss J Morrey, 27 Parer Avenue, Moe, Vic 3825
Ph: 5127 1819 - jmorrey@bigpond.com
Entry Fees:   Obedience $11.00 per entry.  
Agility, Jumping & Games $9.00 per entry.
(includes $2.00 for catalogue and VCA surcharge & levy)
Cheques Payable: to Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc
Entry Forms: Obedience: Separate entry forms for each class,
Open & UD: include HAS in mm & titles
Agility & Jumping: Multi-Entry form, include Jumping Height and titles.
Please state Trial (A, B, C or D) next to class entered

Sunday 7 November 2010
Trial A - Agility & Jumping - Start: 9.00am

Master/Excellent/Open/Novice Agility: Mr M Cowman
Novice/Open/Excellent/Master Jumping: Mr S Pearson
Novice/Excellent/Master Gamblers: Mr J Browne
Trial B - Agility & Jumping - Start: not before 12.00noon

Novice/Open/Excellent/Master Agility: Mr A Tilley
Master/Excellent/Open/Novice Jumping: Mr P Gavin
Novice/Excellent/Master Snooker: Mr P Buykx
Trial C - Obedience - Start: 9.00am

CCD:        Mr F Valastro       
Novice:    Mrs L Piper           
Open:      Mr T Moore          
Utility:     Mr C Makepeace   
UDX/Utility:   Mrs N McIlroy

Trial D - Obedience - Start: not before 12.00noon

CCD:        Mr T Moore          
Novice:    Mrs N McIlroy       
Open:      Ms R Buckley        
Utility:     Mr C Makepeace   
UDX/Utility:   Mr F Valastro 

The committee reserves the right to substitute Judges for any necessary reason.

Check in time:  Obedience: Trial C: 8.00  8.45 am,  Trial D: 11.00 to 11.45am.
Agility & Jumping: Catalogue and Numbers to be collected from office prior to competing. 
No Check-in or Vetting for Agility & Jumping
Awards: Trophy and Sash for class winners. Ribbons for 2nd and 3rd. 
Title and Qualifying Score Ribbons.
Special Awards:  Highest Scoring Bairnsdale Member, Highest Scoring Gippsland Member, 
Highest Scoring East Gippsland Member, Highest Scoring Weimaraner In Trial, 
Fastest round by a Gippsland member.

Full Catering on Grounds


8th Annual Double Open Agility/Jumping/Games Trials
Darnum Recreation Reserve, Shady Creek Road, Darnum Vic

Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 November 2010

Entries Close: Friday 29th October 2010
Please Note: Late Entries will NOT be accepted.

Entries: Trial Secretary: Mrs Margaret Widelock, PO Box 202, Warragul Vic 3820
Ph: 0413 107 038 - hawkinswidelock@yahoo.com.au
Entry Fee: $9.00 per class - Printed Catalogues to be ordered with entries $5.00
Catalogue will be available on line www.agilitytrials.info and the Victoria Agility List

Entry Methods

1. On-line Electronic Entries using PayPal: Our much preferred method as it gets
 all the data into the
database thereby minimising transcription errors and payment
 is much easier for owners & without costs such as postage, cheque, bank fees &
SSAE's & without other issues including Aussie Post.
 You can also veri
fy your entries instantly as recorded in the database.

   2. On-line Electronic Entries but Paying by Cheque: For those who don’t have
a PayPal account or prefer to pay by cheque. The entries are created on-line so
the data is filed in the database as above, then a paper printout of the entries in
the multi-entry format is generated and can be posted with a cheque attached.
Entries can be verified when the
cheque is received in the mail.

3. No Internet Access? : Paper entries on the MULTI-ENTRY form & cheque can
be posted. SSAE required if you need acknowledgement.

If Cheques Used: Payable to Warragul & District Kennel & Obedience Club Inc

Please use this button to create on-line entries, paying by PayPal or 
a posted cheque and to also to verify that entries have been received.


Saturday 13 November 2010

AM Rings - Start: 8.30am
Ring 1 - Master Agility A/Master Jumping A: Sue Gonelli
Ring 2 - Novice/Open/Excellent Agility A: Chris Shelton
Ring 3 - Excellent/Novice/Open Jumping A: Ron Diamond
Ring 4 - Novice/Excellent/Master Snooker: Trevor Moore
PM Rings - Start: Not before 12.00noon
Ring 1 - Master Jumping B/Master Agility B: Trevor Moore
Ring 2 - Master Agility C:  Chris Shelton
Ring 3 - Novice/Excellent/Open Jumping B: Sue Gonelli
Ring 4 - Novice/Excellent/Open Agility B: Lorraine McKay
Sunday 14 November 2010

AM Rings - Start: 8.30am
Ring 1 - Master Agility D/Master Jumping C:  Ray Ashman
Ring 2 - Novice/Excellent/Open Agility C: Fiona Shelton
Ring 3 - Open/Novice/Excellent Jumping C: Clive Makepeace
Ring 4 - Master/Excellent/Novice Gamblers: Heather Diamond
PM Rings - Start: Not before 12.00noon
Ring 1 - Master Jumping D/Master Jumping E: Clive Makepeace
Ring 2 - Master Agility E: Chris Shelton
Ring 3 - Novice/Excellent/Open Jumping D: Lorraine McKay
Ring 4 - Open/Excellent/Novice Agility D: Ray Ashman

200 & 300 height categories will have 10% longer SCT in
Excellent/Open/Master Agility & Jumping


No Check In & No Vetting. Exhibit numbers to be collected from office prior to competing.
Office will be open from 7.30am each day
 Catering available on grounds

Camping available on grounds powered sites $15.00 per night, non-powered
sites $10.00 per night. NB: Number of powered sites are limited and available
on first-come-first-served reservation basis.

Email or phone Trial Secretary to make camping reservations

Watch this space for additional information about sponsors and
other events scheduled for the weekend to be announced.



Portland Agility Trial November 09


Obedience/Agility/Jumping Trial
Nelson Park, 
Cnr Cape Nelson Rd & Berrinba St, Portland, Vic
Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 November 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 1203, Portland Vic 3305
Ph: 0423 110 610 (Jacqui) or 0400 530 790 (Rae) (no calls after 9pm)
Entry Fee: First entry for weekend $12.00 (includes catalogue)
Subsequent Entries $10
(Official MULTI-ENTRY form can be used)
Cheques payable to Portland Dog Obedience Club Inc

Entries Close: Monday 15 November 2010 

Saturday 27 Nov 2010
Start: One hour after Obedience, not before 12 noon

Agility Ring - Master/Open/Excellent/Novice Agility: R Ashman
Jumping Ring - Novice/Excellent/Open/Master Jumping: F Tipping

Sunday 28 Nov 2010

Start: One hour after Obedience, not before 12 noon

Agility Ring - Novice/Excellent/Open/Master Agility: F Tipping
Jumping Ring - Master/Open/Excellent/Novice Jumping: R Ashman
Awards: Trophy & Sash for class winners.
Sashes for second & third placings.
Title & Qualifying sashes.
Most successful Agility/Jumping dog (over weekend) - sash

 Vetting: Saturday 8.45 to 9.30 am Sunday 7.45 to 8.30 am
Arrangements can be made to check-in & vet a little later Sat morning. 
Catalogue/Numbers to be collected from office prior to competing
 Catering: available