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OCTOBER 2010 Agility Trials Info - Croydon



Message from Trial Secretary Wendy Hanson

We have decided to cancel our October agility trial due to the state of the ground and the high probability of further rain.

All competitors who have entered will be notified and entry fees either returned or reimbursed.

The next scheduled trial for Knox ODC is 21 May 2011.


East Gippsland Trial


Agility & Jumping Weekend Trial
The Velodrome,  Inglis St, Sale, Vic
Vic Roads Ref: 345 S6

Saturday & Sunday 9 & 10 October 2010

Entries: Trial Secretary, Pat Brewer, 20 Newton Drive, Stratford, Vic 3862
Ph: 5145 6846  Email:  patbrew@bigpond.com
Cheques payable to East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club Inc
Entry Fees: $8.00 NB: Early Bird Entries $7.50 if received by Monday 20 Sept 2010
Conditions of Entry: Official Entry Form only to be used.  
Available at http://www.dogsvictoria.org.au/Content.asp?ID=161
All titles must be noted.  Jumping height clearly stated.  
When listing the class please write as follows ADM 1. Include your email address on the form.  
Your entry will be confirmed via email (preferred), unless you provide a SSAE.
Small Dogs: an extra 10% will be added to course times for 200 & 300 dogs in 
Excellent, Open and Master Courses.
Catalogue: a draft catalogue will be emailed to competitors Monday evening before 
the trial for checking. The final copy can be downloaded from our Club’s Web 
Site www.egdoc.org.au or the AgilityVictoria list three days before the trial,
or pay $4 and collect it with your numbers prior to competing.  

Entries Close: Sunday 26 September 2010


Peter Buykx
Adrian Tilley
Lorraine McKay
Masters Agility   ADM 1
Open Agility      ADO 2
Excellent Agility ADX 3
Novice Agility  AD 4
Novice Jumping   JD 5
Excellent Jumping JDX 6
Open Jumping      JDO 7
Masters Jumping   JDM 8
Open Jumping     JDO 9
Masters Jumping  JDM 10
Novice Jumping  JD 11
Excellent Jumping JDX 12
Clive Makepeace
Trevor Moore
Adrian Tilley
Masters Agility  ADM 13
Open Agility      ADO 14
Excellent Agility ADX 15
Novice Agility  AD 16
Novice Jumping   JD 17
Excellent Jumping JDX 18
Open Jumping      JDO 19
Masters Jumping   JDM 20
Excellent Agility ADX 21
Masters Agility  ADM 22
Novice Agility AD 23
Open Agility    AD0 24
Trevor Moore
Clive Makepeace
Michael Cowman
Masters Agility   ADM 25
Open Agility      ADO 26
Excellent Agility ADX 27
Novice Agility  AD 28
Novice Jumping   JD 29
Excellent Jumping JDX 30
Open Jumping      JDO 31
Masters Jumping  JDM 32
Open Jumping       JDO 33
Masters Jumping   JDM 34
Novice Jumping  JD 35
Excellent Jumping JDX 36

to be collected from Secretary’s office prior to competing.  No check in.

Catering: Saturday, only drinks and afternoon tea type food.  Sunday – BBQ operating.

Gates Opened: 8am Saturday and 6am Sunday.   

Presentation: one presentation at the end of each day. 


Awards:  1st Place - Sash and Prize or Prize Money;  2nd & 3rd Place: Sash.

Title Sashes and Qualifying ribbons.



Awarded to the dog gaining the most points from all
qualifying pass cards acquired during the weekend.

Pet Friendly Accommodation:

ACE Swan Motel, 386 Princes Hwy, Sale. Ph: 51443096.

Midtown Motor Inn, Ph: 5144 1444.

Stratford Motel, - Ph: 5145 6500 15minutes from Sale

Stratford Top Tourist Caravan Park,
McMillan St, Stratford. Ph: 5145 6588 – 15 minutes from Sale.

Sale Motor Village Caravan Park
Princes Hwy, Sale. next to tourist info centre.   Ph: 5144 1366

Sale Showgrounds
Cheap rates. Picturesque ground, Toilets & showers.  
Restaurant and Tabaret on site.  Ph: 5144 6432

Thomson River Caravan Park,
Sth Gippsland Hwy, Sale. Ph: 5144 1102  - It’s a bit run down.             

Westernport Agility Trial


Double Open Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
KCC Park, Western Port Hwy, Skye (Mel 128 J12)
Saturday 16th October 2010
 Entries Close: Thursday 7th October 2010
Closing Extended to Monday 11th Oct (at the very latest)
Entries: Trial Secretary, David Brearley, 11 Flora Park Way. Carrum Downs, Vic 3201 
Ph: 9786 4327 Mob: 0417 589 227 Email: davidjbrearley@bigpond.com
Entry Fee: $7.00 all Classes (Agility, Jumping & Snooker)
Catalogue: $2 with entry fees or download (free) at www.agilitytrials.info
Cheques payable to: Western Port Obedience Dog Club Inc
Multi entry form: one per dog

AM Trial - Start: 9.00am
Ring 1:  Excellent/Open/Novice/Master Agility:  Mr J Browne  
Ring 2:  Open/Master Jumping: Mr C Shelton         
Ring 3:  Novice/Excellent Jumping, Master/Novice/Excellent Snooker: Mr M Tyler

PM Trial - Start: 1.00pm

Ring 1:  Excellent/Open/Novice/Master Agility:  Mr C Shelton   
Ring 2:  Open/Master Jumping:  Mr J Browne
Ring 3:  Novice/Excellent Jumping:  Mr F Tipping

10% extra SCT to be allocated to 200/300 dogs in all Agility/Jumping classes
Placings on raw times
Western Port ODC reserves the right to substitute judges if required

Check-in: 7.30 - 8.30am & 12.00 -12.30pm
No Vetting

Awards: 4Legs product for First & Second placings
Trophy & Sash for First
Sash for Second & Third 
Qualifying & Title Ribbons

 Limited Catering available



Open Agility & Jumping Trial
Military Drive, Victoria Park, Ballarat
 Sunday 17 October 2010
Entries Close: Sunday 3rd October

 Entries: Barbara Adams, 2 Poplar St, Wendouree, Vic 3355
Enquiries: Trial Manager, Ellen Mucha E-mail: trial@bdoc.com.au
Ph: 0438 389 421 not after 9.00pm 
Entry Fee: $7.00 All Classes
Catalogue: $2.00 with entries or download at www.bdoc.com.au from Friday 15th.
Cheques payable to Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. Entries confirmed by SSAE.
BDOC reserve the right to substitute Judges if excessive entries
Anyone entering only one Jumping or Agility round in Masters will 
automatically go into number one unless CLEARLY specified on entry form
Reminder: The Multi entry form is the standard entry form.

Rings ABC - Start: 9.00am
Ring A - Agility: Novice-A1/Excellent-A2/Open-A3 Agility: Lorraine McKay
Ring B - Jumping: Open-B1/Novice-B2/Excellent-B3 Jumping: Ray Ashman
Ring C - Masters: Master Agility-C1/Master Agility-C2: Roger Padfield
Rings DEF - Follow ABC not before 11.30am

Ring D - Agility: Novice-D1/Excellent-D2/Open-D3 Agility: Lorraine McKay
Ring E - Jumping: Open-E1/Novice-E2/Excellent-E3 Jumping: Roger Padfield
Ring F - Masters: Master Jumping-F1/Master Jumping-F2 Master Jumping-F3: Ray Ashman

Numbers: Available from 8.00 - 8.45am & must be collected from Office before judging starts.

Prizes: 1st Place, 2nd Place & 3rd Place Ribbons. 
One presentation at the end of the day. Non-placegetter pass cards may be collected early.
(excludes final classes in each ring - these will be handed out at end of day presentation)

Catering available
Major Sponsor: 4Legs

Blue Lake Agility & Obedience Trial


Agility, Jumping & Obedience Weekend Trials
Hastings Cunningham Reserve, Mount Gambier, SA

Saturday & Sunday 23 & 24 October 2010
Entries Close: Friday 1st October 2010

Entries: Trial Manager, Janine Feil, PO Box 8411, Mount Gambier East SA 5291
Ph: 08 8725 7870 (after 7.00pm) or 0408 810 599  Email:  janine@albeyfeil.com.au
Cheques payable to Blue Lake Obedience Dog Club Inc
Entry Fees: $10.00  Members: $9.00
Conditions of Entry: Official Multi Entry Form to be used.  
All titles must be noted.  Jumping height clearly stated.  
Your entry will be confirmed via email (preferred), unless you provide a SSAE.
SCT: an extra 10% will be added (rounded up) for 200 & 300 dogs and 
an extra 5% will be added (rounded up) for 400 & 600 dogs.
Placings will be decided on raw times.
Catalogue: $4 Covers both days. Must be ordered with entries.

Saturday 23 October
AM - Agility & Jumping - Commencing 9.00am

Agility Ring:  Master/Open/Excellent/Novice Agility:  Mr K Millington (SA)

Jumping Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master/Open Jumping: Mrs L McKay (Vic)
PM - Obedience - Not Before 1.00pm CD/CCD Obedience: Mrs A Rumble (SA) Open Obedience: Mr D Rumble (SA) UDX/UD/Veterans* Obedience: Mrs K Millington (SA) Sunday 24 October AM - Obedience - Commencing 9.00am CD/CCD Obedience: Mrs L McKay (Vic) Open Obedience: Mrs K Millington (SA) UDX/UD/Veterans* Obedience: Mrs A Rumble (SA) PM - Agility & Jumping - Not Before 1.00pm Agility Ring: Master/Open/Excellent/Novice Agility: Mr D Rumble (SA)

Jumping Ring: Novice/Excellent/Master/Open Jumping: Mr K Millington (SA)
Vetting: 8.00 - 8.30am & 12.00 - 12.30pm Bitches without proof of de-sexing to be vetted.  All dogs must pass checkpoint before vetting closes Trophies:  1st Place - Qualifying in each class (excludes Veterans)  Sashes: All qualifying entries (on request) Other Awards: Highest Scoring Obedience Dog and *Highest Scoring Local Obedience Dog Most Successful Agility/Jumping Dog and *Most Successful Local Agility/Jumping Dog *If Local dog award winner is also Highest Scoring/Most Successful of all competitors then Local Awards will be given to 2nd Highest Scoring / Most Successful Dog Presentations: at lunchtime and at the end of the day.  Catering: Available on the grounds including breakfast 7.00 - 8.00am

*Rules for Veterans – dog is 7 years+ with CD title and not to trial
in any other Obedience, Agility or Jumping class on the day

Dog Friendly Accommodation:
Pine Country Caravan Park, Cnr Bay & Kilsby Rds, 1300 720 115, 08 8725 1899

Limestone Coast Tourist Park, Jubilee Hwy East, & Hawkins Rd, 1800 623 511, 08 8723 2469


Warrnambool Agility & Jumping Trial


'Back-to-Back' Agility & Jumping Trials
Harris Street Reserve, Warrnambool Vic

Saturday 30 & Sunday 31 October 2010

Entries Close: Friday 15 October 2010

No Late Entries Will Be Accepted

Posted Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 280, Warrnambool Vic 3280
Enquiries: Ph 03 5565 4458 or mickbyron@bigpond.com 
Entry Fee: $9.00 Catalogue: $4.00 (covers both days) order with entries or 
download from www.wdts.org.au or www.agilitytrials.info

Entry Methods

1. On-line Electronic Entries using PayPal: Our much preferred method as it gets
 all the data into the
database thereby minimising transcription errors and payment
 is much easier for owners & without costs such as postage, cheque, bank fees &
SSAE's & without other issues including Aussie Post.
 You can also veri
fy your entries instantly as recorded in the database.

   2. On-line Electronic Entries but Paying by Cheque: For those who don’t have
a PayPal account or prefer to pay by cheque. The entries are created on-line so
the data is entered in the database as above, then a paper printout of the entries in
the multi-entry format is generated and can be posted with a cheque attached.
Entries can be verified when the
cheque is received in the mail.

3. No Internet Access? : Paper entries on the MULTI-ENTRY form & cheque payable
 to Warrnambool Dog Training School Inc can be posted.
SSAE required if you need acknowledgement.

Please use this button to create on-line entries, paying by PayPal or 
a posted cheque and to also to verify that entries have been received.

Saturday 30 October 2010

Sat AM - Trial 1 - Start: 9.00am

Ring 1: Novice A/Excellent A/Open A Agility, Master B Jumping: Murray Tyler
Ring 2: Open A/Excellent A/Novice A/Novice B Jumping: Adrian Tilley            
Ring 3: Master A Agility/Master A Jumping: Clive Makepeace                      
Sat PM - Trial 2 - Start: Not Before 1.30pm 

Ring 1: Open C/Excellent C/Novice C Agility, Master D Jumping: Roger Padfield
Ring 2: Novice C/Novice D/Open C/Excellent C Jumping: Clive Makepeace        
Ring 3: Master C Jumping/Master C Agility: Murray Tyler                             

Sunday 31 October 2010

Sun AM - Trial 3 - Start: 9.00am

Ring 1: Novice E/Excellent E/Open E Agility, Master F Jumping: Clive Makepeace
Ring 2: Open E/Excellent E/Novice E/Novice F Jumping: Roger Padfield              
Ring 3: Master E Agility/Master E Jumping: Adrian Tilley                                
Sun PM - Trial 4 - Start: Not Before 1.30pm

Ring 1: Open G/Excellent G/Novice G Agility, Master H Jumping: Adrian Tilley
Ring 2: Novice G/Novice H/Open G/Excellent G Jumping: Murray Tyler          
Ring 3: Master G Jumping/Master G Agility: Roger Padfield                        
Note: The Committee reserves the right to substitute judges if required
Check In: AM Trial 7.45am - 8.30am PM Trial: Collect numbers before 1.00pm
Ring winners: Prize & Sash. 2nd & 3rd Placegetters: Sash
Title Ribbons & Qualifying Score Cards
Other Awards: List incomplete, look at catalogue for details

Catering available

Australian Shepherd Agility & Jumping Trial



Restricted to Breed Agility & Jumping Trial 
KCC Park, Western Port Hwy, Skye Vic. Melway 128 J12

Sunday 31 October 2010

Entries Close: Friday 15 October 2010

Trial Secretary: Renee Ashman Ph: 9749 5279 (up to 9.00pm)
0431 254 752

Entries: Trial Secretary, PO Box 4, Longwarry, Vic 3816
Cheques: Payable to: Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria Inc
Confirmation of Entries: Include SSAE or e-mail address.

Entry Fee:  $15.00 first entry (includes catalogue, judge's fee & VCA surcharge) 
$10.00 subsequent entries regardless of the class or dog.
NB: If you have already paid the first entry under another discipline, 
then you only need to pay the subsequent entry fee.
Entry Forms Must: 
1. Include Height Category (not height at shoulder)
2. Be on a standard size form (preferably Multi Entry form i/c all titles)

Judging Starts: 12.00 noon

Master/Excellent/Novice/Open Jumping: Mr Trevor Moore

Master/Excellent/Novice/Open Agility: Mr Trevor Moore

Height Cards: Must be available for presentation on the day if requested.
Note that Height Cards cannot be obtained on the day of the trial as only
one judge will be in attendance. Therefore please ensure that arrangements
are made well in advance of the trial.

Check-in/Vetting: 10.00am - 11.30am
Upgrades: Class upgrades available until 20 October 2010
One Presentation: at the conclusion of the day's events.
Committee: Reserves the right to substitute judges, suspend tests, change venue
at any given time or to cancel a class if less than 3 entries are received.
Notice will be given to all entrants.