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Explanation of On-line Entry Methods
Alex Hill has developed an online entry system specifically for dog trials.
It is available via www.barkingmad.com.au and also via an entry button on 
those schedules that are offering online entries for that particular trial.
Further Information re Online Entries:

Online Method 1. On-line Electronic Entries using PayPal:
Our much
preferred method as it gets all the data into the database at the time of entry thereby minimising transcription errors and payment is much easier for owners & without costs such as postage, cheque, bank fees & SSAE's & without postal delivery issues. There are no PayPal fees either, as the clubs absorb the PayPal costs as an agility trial expense.  You will immediately receive a PayPal email confirming your payment and a second email from the 'agilityrun' system confirming your entry details as submitted. You can also verify your entries at any time as recorded in the database.

Online Method 2. On-line Electronic Entries but Paying by Cheque:

For those who donít have a PayPal account or prefer to pay by cheque. The entries are created on-line so the data is entered in the database as above, then a paper printout of the entries in the multi-entry format is generated and can be posted with a cheque attached. Entries will be listed  (as received) when the
cheque is received in the mail.

No Internet Access?
Paper entries on the MULTI-ENTRY form & cheque
payable to the dog club affiliate can be posted. SSAE required if you need acknowledgement. Your entries will be converted to on-line entries by the trial secretary and therefore will be available to view online.
PayPal Account Information:
Don't have a PayPal personal account? Go to the PayPal website and via the
Join Now button, sign up for a Personal Account in a couple of minutes. It's easy to join, safe to use, and allows you to create instant on-line entries and verify that your entries have been received.