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Note from Clive Makepeace
(RASV Show Manager Obedience & Agility)


If you are planning to enter the Melbourne Royal this year, I feel there are some changes that you should know about.

Recently the RASV Dog committee was notified that the appearance of the Southern end of the agility ring (opposite end to the assembly area) has changed.

Apparently the RASV have entered into a contract with MASTERCHEF. This involves filming at the Showgrounds and a presence during the Show which may suit fans of MasterChef.

The changes involve erecting a façade (hoarding) some 7-8m high and 20-25 m long plus placing a shipping container some 9m long by 3m by 3m on the grass area.

The result is that the available ground for Agility plus other dog activities has been reduced by a strip of land some 30m long by 3m wide.

The area now available is much the same size as the rings at the Vic State Agility trial.

We have been told that the container and back of the façade will be “dressed up” but how, we do not know.

The RASV Dog committee and Julia Grainger have protested but we have been told that the matter is “non-negotiable”.

We hope you will still enter the Melbourne Royal Agility and Jumping Trial which will be judged this year by Mr Brian Fielder from South Australia. 


Clive Makepeace

RASV Dog Show Obedience/Agility Show Manager