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Royal Melbourne Show

Agility & Jumping Classes 
Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale, Vic 3032
Melway Ref: 28 F11

Sunday 28th September 2014 (Agility & Jumping)
Please Note - Entries Close: 5.00pm Friday 8th August 2014
Entries received after this date will not be accepted
Competion Coordinator: Julia Grainger
Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale, Vic 3032
Ph: 9281 7430   Email:  julia.grainger@rasv.com.au

Note: The paper schedule sent with Dogs Victoria  magazine earlier in the year
stated "No online entries for Agility, Jumping, Obedience & DWD"
That has now changed. Online entries are now available. (Thanks Clive)

Online Entries: Click Here then click 'Enter Dogs Online'

Offline Paper Entries:  Complete Entry Form A from official paper schedule (on page 26)
 and ensure  chequebook style entry forms are attached - one per dog.
To: Dog Section, The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited
Melbourne Showgrounds, Epson Rd, Ascot Vale, 3032
Entries can be by mail, by hand, email of faxed to 03 9281 7530
Cheques payable to The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Limited      
Credit Card Payment (Visa or MasterCard) is also accepted.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Entry Fees: 1st Entry Per Dog $31.00 (RASV Member $25.00) 
2nd & Subsequent Entries Per Dog $10.00
Please Note: 
The 1st Entry Fee of $31 (per dog) applies to Agility, Jumping, Obedience & DWD classes
as a once-only per dog $31 for the three disciplines plus $10 per same dog per
subsequent entries in any of the four disciplines. Further Detail & Explanation
A parking fee is not included with the entry fee.
The RASV will issue complimentary entry tickets (one pass per dog entered) for the day
 the dog is being judged.
Catalogue: $15 pre-paid with entries or $20 purchased on the day (limited number). 
PDF catalogue is FREE and will be sent to those entered.

Conditions of Entry: Classes are conducted under the RASV's General
& Special Regulations and the ANKC Rules & Regulations. The RASV 
reserves the right to run the dogs in any order it may deem fit and to
divide the classes as necessary to facilitate the judging of dogs
in the time allocated.
Bitches in season are not permitted to compete.
Titles & Height Category (Agility & Jumping) must be stated
on entry forms.
Dogs must be benched when not required for judging and remain
 in the benching pavilion until 5.00pm or the conclusion of judging
whichever is the later.

Further Information: Click Here for e-schedule  (Thanks Stephen)
Agility & Jumping - Sunday 28th September 2014
Commencing not before 8.30am
Mrs Fiona Shelton (VIC)
Open Agility      Class 23
Excellent Agility Class 24
Master Agility    Class 25
Novice Agility    Class 2
Mrs Fiona Shelton (VIC)
Open Jumping      Class 27
Excellent Jumping Class 28
Master Jumping    Class 29
Novice Jumping    Class

Check-in: 7.15 - 8.00am  No Vet Checking
For Check-in locations:
Refer to the Exhibitor Information Booklet which will be
posted to those competitors that actually enter, along with their exhibitor numbers

Awards:  A combination of trophies, rosettes & sponsor product will be awarded
for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each class and for the Fastest round in the Agility Trial and
Fastest round in the Jumping Trial

All dogs must be benched when not required for judging and remain in the benching
 pavilion until 5.00pm or the conclusion of judging whichever is the latter.

All Exhibitors participating will receive:
One complimentary admission ticket to the Show per dog for each day the dog participates.
Access to purchase (up to 6) general admission tickets ($27 per ticket - 25% off)
Access to download a PDF copy of the catalogue.
One complimentary coffee, tea or soft drink from the ADVANCE Exhibitor lounge




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