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Schipperke Open Agility trial


Open Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
KCC Park, Western Port Highway, Skye, Vic.
 Saturday 21st July 2012

Entries Close: Monday 9th July

10% Extra SCT given to 200 & 300mm dogs.

Entries: Trial Secretary, Jeanette Buckley, 26 Derwent Rd, Werribee, Vic 3030.
Ph: 9741 8272 Email: jnunnbuckley@gmail.com Mobile: 0439 325 113 
Entry Fee: $9.00 per entry Catalogue: $3.00 (to be ordered with
entries or download free from http://www.agilitytrials.info) 
Cheques payable to Schipperke Club of Victoria Inc
Conditions of Entry: The committee reserves the right to 
substitute judges if the need arises. 

Timing Gates and Rubberised Equipment will be used.

Please use class abbreviations on entry form

AM Rings - Start: 8.30am
Ring 1: Agility: Master (MA1); Novice (NA1) Roger Padfield                                                                    
Ring 2: Agility: Excellent (EA1); Open (OA1), Jumping: Excellent (EJ1) Heather Diamond                
Ring 3: Jumping: Open (OJ1); Master (MJ1) Michael Cowman                                                               
Ring 4: Jumping: Novice (NJ1), Gamblers: Novice (NG); Excellent (EG); Master (MG) Murray Tyler
PM Rings - not before 11.30am

Ring 1: Agility: Excellent (EA2), Jumping: Novice (NJ2); Open (OJ2) James Browne                   
Ring 2: Jumping: Excellent (EJ2); Master (MJ2) Annette Claughton                                              
Ring 3: Snooker: Master (MS);Novice (NS); Excellent (ES), Agility: Open (OA2) Ron Diamond
Ring 4: Agility: Master (MA2); Novice (NA2) Murray Tyler                                                              

Awards: Rosette and Prize for all 1st place winners. 
Sash for 2nd and 3rd place winners. 
Qualifying ribbons and title sashes. 
Fastest in Trial - Agility & Jumping
Fastest Schipperke in Agility, Fastest Schipperke in Jumping 
Trophy list incomplete

Collect exhibit numbers/catalogue before competing
One presentation after completion of the final ring.
Donations: For prizes - raffle or cash is most appreciated 
(‘name a ring in your dogs honour’ for only $15) 
Official Sponsor

Lynette Niemann
Beadale Schipperkes



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