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Information For Trial Secretaries

This page is intended to be a resource for Trial Secretaries, to assist in running a trial.

Things To Do List - Running A Trial  From Katie Kisielnicki

Hire of Agility Equipment  Updated March 2019 (Agility Trailer Hire)

Hire of Timing Gates   Updated May 2017

- Computer Sashes

-  Colberne Industries

Timing Gates - General Information - Instructions, Operation, etc and a call to HELP with the Gates at Trials.

Rubberising Agility Contact Surfaces - YouTube Video - Beau Pearson & The Kisielnicki Gang

Rubberising Agility Contact Surfaces - Documented Process New - Jan 2018
Thanks to Katie Kisielnicki for the this information

Dog Levy Payable to Dogs Victoria -  From 1st January 2017 the Dog Levy will be:
- Trials held at KCC Park & Bulla Exhibition Centre - $4.00 per dog
- Trials held at all other venues - $3.00 per dog
As stated in the March 2017 Dogs Victoria Magazine Page 41

Games Judging Score Sheets   
- Snooker, Gamblers & Strategic Pairs

Suggestions accepted and requests handled. Please use Contact Form

VCA Reps -  Not Completed yet