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State Agility, Jumping & Games Trial and Top Dog Finals



Open Agility, Jumping & Games Trial
Including Top Dog Finals - Agility & Jumping
KCC Park, Western Port Highway, Skye (Melway 128 H12)

Saturday 3rd September 2011
Paper Entries Close: Monday 15th August 2011
Online Entries Close: Friday 19th August 2011
Paper Entries to: Alex Hill, PO Box 4061 Black Rock North, Vic 3193, by Monday 15th August 2011. 
Multi-Entry form. Cheques payable to Dogs Victoria. No late, incorrect or illegible entries accepted.
Online Entries:  Available until Friday 19 August 2011. Use the button below.
Enquiries: Trial Secretary Jeanette Buckley, Ph: 9741 8272: Email: jnunnbuckley@gmail.com
Entry Fees: $9.00 Agility, Jumping & Games classes. Strategic Pairs $12.00 ($6.00 per exhibitor).
Strategic Pairs - Paper entries must be stapled together in the same envelope.                        
                - Online entries entered separately. ie. each owner enters and pays for their 
          own dog only and the system will automatically match the the pairs.
Catalogue: $5.00 pre-ordered/pre-paid with entries, or available at http://www.agilitytrials.info 
Top Dog Entries: To Jo Lucas, 231 Stumpy Gully Rd, Balnarring 3926
(closing date for submission of passes is Friday 5th August 2011)
Those running in Top Dog will be notified by mail of their acceptance prior to the event

10% Extra SCT will be given to 200 and 300 dogs in all classes except Novice.
Placings to be decided on raw times

If some class sizes are excessive there could be split walk-throughs.
See catalogue for further details.

The Committee reserves the right to change judges for any necessary reason.

On-line/Paperless/Electronic Entries: Preferred.
Please use the button to create entries and to check acknowledgement of entries
Click Here for more information re online entries.


AM Rings - Start 8.30am 

Ring 1: Open/Excellent/Novice Agility A: Mr R Diamond             
Ring 2: Excellent/Novice/Open Jumping A: Mr M Tyler               
Ring 3: Master Jumping A, Master Agility A: Mr T Moore          
Ring 4: Novice/Master/Excellent Strategic Pairs: Ms L McKay   

Top Dog Finals
 Start After Completion of AM Events - Not Before 12.00 noon
Ring 5: Top Dog Agility: Mr C Shelton         
Ring 6: Top Dog Jumping: Mrs H Diamond

PM Rings - Start After Completion of Top Dog Events
(PM Rings not available for walking during Top Dog events)
Ring 1: Novice/Excellent Agility B: Ms A Claughton                                     
Ring 2: Excellent/Novice Jumping B: Mr J Browne                                       
 Ring 3: Master Agility B, then Ring 6: Master Jumping B: Mr R Padfield  
Ring 4: Novice/Excellent/Master Snooker: Mr P Buykx                                
Ring 5: Excellent/Master/Novice Gamblers: Ms S Gonelli                             
No check-in or Vetting
Numbers Available from 7.30 to 8.15am
Top Dog Numbers to be collected by 11.00am
Catering Available
Only One Presentation at Conclusion of the Day

Awards: Sashes & Awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places
Eagle Pack product for 1st places.
Other awards for 2nd & 3rd places.
DoggyDog Dog Jacket to Top Dog Winners and State Champions
Bono Fido products to all Top Dog finalists

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