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Top Dog Rules & Forms

Top Dog 2016

- Top Dog Arrangements for 2016 (Similar to 2015)

- Rules - Top Agility Dog & State Champion 
- Rules - Top Jumping Dog & State Champion
- Online Initial Entry Form (for everyone) 
    Designed to obviate the need for everyone to send 'copies' of passes.
    Only those who qualify for Top Dog (plus 3 emergencies) based on
    points scored will need to send copies of passes.

Top Dog Points Calculator Optional Excel Spreadsheet for
   easier calculation of Top Dog points. Can be used as a TD points calculator
   and as the entry form when requested to send copies of pass cards.
   Can be sent via the Contact Form or printed and sent with pass card info.

- Paper Follow-up Entry Form (for those invited)


The Rules & Entry Procedure for the 2016 Top Dogs and State Champions (Both Agility & Jumping).
Closing date is Wednesday 6th July 2016 for initial online entries nominating numbers of passes & points.
For those who qualify (10 for Agility & 10 for Jumping plus 3 reserves for both) according to online submitted passes and points will be asked to submit copies of passes.
Closing date for copies of passes is
Thursday 28th July 2016.
These rules are similar to 2015 including clarification of the number of passes required, that is 15 for Top Dog consideration, and for Agility or Jumping Champion consideration, if you have 150 points from 15 passes, then you need to send in up to 5 more passes and there will be a count back of 1st places, etc. to determine Agility & Jumping Champions. There is a chance that even if you do not reach 150 points, you may be asked to send extra pass cards. These clarifications relate to both Agility & Jumping.