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New Top Dog Rules For 2018

Top Dog 2018

From the Victorian Agility Committee
- New Rules - Top Agility Dog 2018 
- New Rules - Top Jumping Dog 2018
(Jumping rules virtually same as Agility)



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Top Dog 2018 - Summary of Changes
(Terry's interpretation)

What is Not Changing for 2018
- Based on:  up to 15 passes (each for A & J)

- Maximum of 3 passes from interstate (each A & J)

- Passes from RTB, RTH & RTG not eligible

- Victorian residents only

- Dogs must be registered with DV.

- Top Dog A & J Finals at State Trial

And also Not Changing in 2018 are the 2017 New Rules

- Qualifying passes must be from Master A & J classes where all dogs run the 'same course' but with varying SCT based on the five heights (200 to 600). (If the 'course' is 'different for heights' then the pass does not count - Nationals excepted)

- No points allocated for 10th place Qualifying passes (pre 2017 was 1 point)

- Dogs in each TD Final (A & J) will compete on the 'same course' with a SCT based on the rate allocated to a 200 dog.

- No 'Reserves' for TD Finals (pre 2017 was up to 3 for each A & J final)

- Up to 14 Finalists to be selected for TD A & J Finals based on the highest points within each height group.

- A minimum of 5 'eligible' passes for TD points is required (not automatically guaranteed that each height shall be represented in TD Finals A&J)

Summary of
Changes for 2018

- The Main Change for 2018 is the Method of Entry.
Instead of Nominating your Dog(s) as in past years,
the K9 Entry System using its Results database will provide the pass card data to select the highest scoring dogs and together with the Owners Nominated Interstate Passes, (maximum of 3 passes per dog per disipline), the Top Dog finalists will be determined.

- So the hard work of tallying, copying passes and posting your entries has ended, and owners who have interstate passes will be asked to provide details.