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Running Order for Vic Team Trials for Nationals 2014
Heats 1 & 2 on Saturday 15 February 6pm Start - KCC
Heats 3 & 4 on Saturday 5 April 9am Start - KCC
Entries closed on Wednesday 5/2/2014 at 12 midnight
Coloured cells indicate Owners with multiple dogs
Two groups of 500 dogs interspersed with a group of non-500 dogs.
Note: 10% off SCT not applicable for 200/300 dogs .
Heats 3 and 4 are tentative running orders (subject to change)
See explanation of running order reasoning below the heats info

Scratchings indicated by strikethrough
Heat 1
Adrian Tilley 
Heat 2
Roger Padfield
Heat 3
Clive Makepeace
Heat 4
Julija Kinghorn
1 Geraldine Kisielnicki Merlot Katie Kisielnicki Nakita Greg Milner Crash Nikki Janetzki Azra
2 Meg Ryan Matilda Karolyn De Graauw Phoebe Peter Clynes Prada Roslyn Atyeo Paris
3 Sue Brimacombe Arrow Andrew Sanderson Arwen Katie Kisielnicki Kirra Kate Scott Zarli
4 Peter Clynes Prada Renee Patton Spike Geraldine Kisielnicki Merlot Katie Kisielnicki Nakita
5 Katie Kisielnicki Mr Plug Geraldine Kisielnicki Jazz Sue Brimacombe Arrow Meg Ryan Paige
6 Greg Milner Rum Darren Brimacombe Spice Meg Ryan Matilda Karolyn De Graauw Phoebe
7 Nikki Janetzki Jet Roslyn Atyeo Paris Karolyn De Graauw 600 Ziggy Andrew Sanderson Arwen
8 Amanda Murcutt Kinta Peter Clynes Drift Scott Fletcher 400 Ollie Geraldine Kisielnicki Merlot
9 Michelle Jewell 200 Bubbles Nikki Janetzki Azra Angie Gunther 400 Jinky Greg Milner Rum
10 Scott Fletcher 400 Ollie Sue Brimacombe Ziva Raine McKay 400 Jerry Amanda Murcutt Kinta
11 Angie Gunther 400 Jinky Kane Wheeler Esky Michelle Jewell 200 Bubbles Peter Clynes Drift
12 Raine McKay 400 Jerry Greg Milner Crash Rosaline Twaits Isabelle Sue Brimacombe Ziva
13 Karolyn De Graauw 600 Ziggy Katie Kisielnicki Kirra Kris Kisielnicki Jive M Kurniawan Milli
14 Renee Patton Spike Meg Ryan Paige Nikki Janetzki Jet Katie Kisielnicki Kirra
15 Kris Kisielnicki Jive M Kurniawan Milli Katie Kisielnicki Nakita Kane Wheeler Esky
16 Rosaline Twaits Isabelle Geraldine Kisielnicki Merlot Roslyn Atyeo Paris Rosaline Twaits Isabelle
17 Geraldine Kisielnicki Jazz Michelle Jewell 200 Bubbles Renee Patton Spike Geraldine Kisielnicki Jazz
18 Katie Kisielnicki Nakita Raine McKay 400 Jerry Geraldine Kisielnicki Roxy Darren Brimacombe Spice
19 Kate Scott Zarli Scott Fletcher 400 Ollie Kane Wheeler Esky Angie Gunther 400 Jinky
20 Roslyn Atyeo Paris Angie Gunther 400 Jinky Kate Scott Zarli Scott Fletcher 400 Ollie
21 Darren Brimacombe Spice Karolyn De Graauw 600 Ziggy Amanda Murcutt Kinta Raine McKay 400 Jerry
22 Greg Milner Crash Peter Clynes Prada Darren Brimacombe Spice Michelle Jewell 200 Bubbles
23 Kane Wheeler Esky Amanda Murcutt Kinta Meg Ryan Paige Karolyn De Graauw 600 Ziggy
24 M Kurniawan Milli Kate Scott Zarli Andrew Sanderson Arwen Renee Patton Spike
25 Nikki Janetzki Azra Meg Ryan Matilda Sue Brimacombe Ziva Greg Milner Crash
26 Peter Clynes Drift Kris Kisielnicki Jive Karolyn De Graauw Phoebe Meg Ryan Matilda
27 Karolyn De Graauw Phoebe Rosaline Twaits Isabelle Nikki Janetzki Azra Peter Clynes Prada
28 Andrew Sanderson Arwen Nikki Janetzki Jet M Kurniawan Milli Katie Kisielnicki Mr Plug
29 Sue Brimacombe Ziva Geraldine Kisielnicki Roxy Katie Kisielnicki Mr Plug Sue Brimacombe Arrow
30 Katie Kisielnicki Kirra Sue Brimacombe Arrow Peter Clynes Drift Geraldine Kisielnicki Roxy
31 Meg Ryan Paige Greg Milner Rum Geraldine Kisielnicki Jazz Kris Kisielnicki Jive
32 Geraldine Kisielnicki Roxy Katie Kisielnicki Mr Plug Greg Milner Rum Nikki Janetzki Jet
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Explanation of Running Orders for the Four Heats
As the Agility Committee members are all competing in the Vic Team Heats I was asked to do the running order.
The natural approach would be to adopt the One Number System (ONS) but to be fair to all competitors, there
is an argument also to give every competitor a taste of competing say early, middle or late in the heat orders. 
So randomising across the board is important, and I think all competitors will (maybe) see the logic of not always 
being early in the order, or always middle or late in the order, but having a spread of positions in the different 
heat orders.  
With the high numbers of 500 dogs (84%)  it will be fairer to group the non-500 dogs (5 off) as one group within 
the total structure. That way, they won't be swamped or over-whelmed as much. This means that the 500 dogs 
will be in 2 groups of varying sizes, interspersed with the group of non-500 dogs. This does mean that there will
be one extra change of bar heights, but as there are no 300 dogs, the number of bar height changes will be the 
same as a normal class in a normal trial. Splitting the 500 dogs into 2 groups will be unusual, but I think it will be
treated as just another height change.
As good as the ONS is in the normal trial running orders, to employ the ONS in these heats would certainly be 
unfair for some trialers. And getting technical, the explanation is:  
Take 501 as an example. When 500ís are first, 501 would be 1st. When 200ís are first and if 500ís are second, 501
 is 2nd in the heat. If 600ís are first, and if 500ís are 2nd, 501 is again 2nd to run. Even if all non-500 heights are
1st, 501 would be 6th. And in all cases, every heat, 527 (the last 500 dog) would be at least 27th and always
somewhere between 27th (6th last) and 32nd (last).
Another aspect with randomising is that any one competitor is not following the same handler/dog in all 4 heats. 
Of course the running orders are not perfect, but they should be fairer than a typical trial scenario. You will notice
that there are no catalogue numbers allocated to dogs. You will need to keep checking which dogs are running
and get prepared to join the queue at the appropriate time/order. For those with multiple dogs there won't be the
usual swapping numbers all day.
I would like to wish all competitors all the best and I hope you all have good runs. Looking at the entries Victoria
will enter a strong team for the 2014 Nationals. I also think the Committee members are the heroes in the running
Terry Coles