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NSW Agility Nationals 2012

Victorian Team Selection Process - Messages

Message from Sue Gonelli (1st May 2012)

Congratulations to our 2012 Team and a big thank you to all competitors for being such great sports. I loved the atmosphere on both days. Thanks to everyone who helped and especially Katie and Kris for picking up equipment (thanks K9), Carole for scribing, Roger, Fiona and Clive for judging, Stephen and Adrian for helping with mock trials and of course our trainee judges for all their hard work.



Message from Sue Gonelli (25th April 2012)

Hi All,

Teams selection is on this SUNDAY 29th. Come along and cheer on your fellow competitors. Set up is at 11am with selection starting at 12. Remember, all potential team members can discard their worst score so it's still anybody's game!

Members will be anounced on the day so bring a completed entry form as these have to be sent to NSW ASAP.

Running order for Heat 3 is as follows:

600 Tina Chesworth Kayladene Take it Easy
Karolyn De Graauw Ziggy

400 Sandra Scafocchia Cassie
Rainie Mckay/Angie Gunther Jerry
Heather Eaves Dellkarn Daisy Rose
Scott Fletcher Ollie
Laura Distefano Nellie
Alois Schnider Montulata Jades Gem

500 Geraldine Kisielnicki Kayledene Choc Royal
Jenny Raines Yeoville Hot To Trot
Kate Dall Tjukurpa Willow
Kim Davidson Crikey Wal
Katie Kisielnicki Kirra
Greg Milner Yeoville Acidental Hero
Nikki Janetzki Jadziah Super Sonic
Andrew Sanderson Alenglen Arwen Rose
Julija Kinghorn Flick
Renee Patten Spike
Kris Kisielnicki Jive
Meg Ryan Matilda
Ros Atyeo Paris
Megan Semple Alanglen Jindabyne Rose
Trish Attard & Paul Ward Scouts Honour
Tracey Weaver Elzscot Tantalizin Tango
Dorothy Mitchell Bob
Peter Clynes Prada
Geraldine Kisielnicki Guirmere Jazz
Nikki Janetzki Bellamarnie Torquem Up
Katie Kisielnicki Nikita

The running order for Heat 4 will start with 500's, the 400, then 600. Other than that it will be the same.

Following the heats we will be running another mock trial for trainee judge's practice. Gold coin donation per run as per last time.


 Message from Sue Gonelli (!8th March 2012)

Results of Heats 1 & 2 - Saturday 17th March 2012


 Message from Sue Gonelli (!7th March 2012)

Notification of Heats 3 & 4 on Saturday 28th Sunday 29th April


Previous Messages

 Message from Sue Gonelli  (14th March 2012)

Running Order for Heats 1 & 2 Saturday 17th March

Message from Sue Gonelli  (2nd March 2012)

Hi All,
The Teams Selection Event will commence Course walking at 6.00pm on March 17
th.  Please be available if possible from 5.00pm to sign in and assist with set up.  Following both events we will be running a mock trial @ $2 per run.
Below is a list of entries for Teams.  Please email me at sgonelli7@bigpond.com if I have left you out.
Name (Surname Alphabetical) Dog
Tina Chesworth Kayladene Take it Easy
Kate Dall Tjukurpa Willow 
Kim Davidson Crikey Wal
Karolyn De Graauw Ziggy
Laura Distefano Nellie
Heather Eaves Dellkarn Daisy Rose 
Scott Fletcher Ollie
Nikki Janetzki Jadziah Super Sonic 
Nikki Janetzki Bellamarnie Torquem Up 
Geraldene Kisielnicki Kayladene Choc Royal
Geraldene Kisielnicki Guirmere Jazz
Katie Kisielnicki Kirra
Katie Kisielnicki Nikita
Kris Kisielnicki Jive
Rainie Mckay/Angie Gunther Jerry
Greg Milner Yeoville Acidental Hero
Tara O'Brien Maggie
Renee Patten Spike
Jenny Raines Yeoville Hot To Trot
Meg Ryan Matilda
Andrew Sanderson Alenglen Arwen Rose
Sandra Scaffochia Cassie
Alois Schnider Montulata Jades Gem
Susanna Watt Codey


Message from Sue  Gonelli (November 2011)

Hi All,

Well it's getting to that time again where we get to pick the lucky ones to represent us at the Nationals in 2012!!
The first 2 heats though won't be until March 17th, 2012 to be run just before the 2nd Dogs Victoria evening "Pairs" trial. Yes folks- 3 rings of pairs just for the fun of it!!! (more on that later when we get the schedule sorted). Our selection judges will be Clive and Fiona for the 1st 2 heats.
Heats 3 & 4 will be held at a later date TBA- April / early May.

Victorian Teams Selection – 2012 Nationals

Selection Event

·         Dog / Handler team members will be selected using scores from 4 “heats”

·         3 best scores out of the 4 heats will be used with worst score discarded

·         Scoring will be based on team rules listed below

·         6 Dog / Handler teams with the lowest scores will be selected – 5 will compete and 1 emergency

Criteria for entry –

·         Handler / Dog teams should be intending to travel to Nationals already

·         Dogs must already be competing at ANKC agility trials

·         Dogs must be confident on all obstacles including a See-Saw

Entry process-

Send email to sgonelli7@bigpond.com with details of handler and dog including height category

Teams Event 2012 Sydney Agility Nationals - Rules

·    Each team will compete individually over each Trial Course in the designated running order.

·    The ANKC Ltd Rules for The Conduct of Agility Trials will be used to decide the results with the following differences:-

·    A disqualification will incur 50 penalty faults. However the dog should continue and complete the course as correctly as possible as further faults under the standard rules will be accumulated as they occur and further disqualifications will each incur a further 50 penalty faults.

·    NOTE: A dog will score the 50 fault penalty on each occasion that it goes off-course. No regard is to be taken of how many "out of order" obstacles it takes on each occasion.

·    A dog that is withdrawn from the ring, or fails to complete the course for any reason, will incur a score of 200 penalty faults. The maximum faults that a dog can incur is 200.

·    Results will be determined by ANKC Ltd scoring – i.e. Individual performances will be recorded with Clear Rounds, Course Faults, Time, Faults and Penalty Faults being incurred and totalled.

·    After the conclusion of each Trial each team consisting of five (5) members will nominate and discard its worst result. The total faults of four (4) team members only will be added together to represent the Team score for each Trial.

·    The total faults per team for both Trials will be totalled to represent the Team Total Score.

·    The team with the least Total Faults at the conclusion of both Trials will be declared the Team Event Winner.