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Warringal Agility Trial


Open Agility & Jumping Trial

To be held at Bulla Exhibition Centre, Uniting Lane, Bulla
Saturday 14th June 2014
Note New Closing Date!
Entries Close: Saturday 8th June 2014

Enquiries:  Ph: 0438 885 065  
Email enquiries:  jbrowne3@netspace.net.au  for enquiries only

Entry Fee: $9.00 per class   Warringal Members: $8.00 per class
Catalogue: $3.00 pre–paid/ordered with entries.
 Will also be available to be downloaded from 
http://www.agilitytrials.info  Warringal website 

Paper Entries: To Trial Secretary, Erica Brown,
PO Box 289, Sunbury, VIC 3429
Please include email address or SSAE for acknowledgement of entry.
Cheques: Payable to Warringal Obedience Dog Club Inc
Multi-Entry Form Must Be Used.
Class Codes must be clearly marked (eg. Novice Agility B)

Online Entries - Preferred.
Please use the button to create entries and to check acknowledgement of entries
Click Here for more information re online entries.

Online Entries Available Soon


10% extra SCT will be given to 200 and 300 dogs in all classes. 
Placings will be decided on raw times.

 AM Trial - Start 8.30am


       Ring 1: Master Agility A, Master Agility B: Julija Kinghorn                                                                        
Ring 2: Master Jumping A, Master Jumping B:  Linda Wilson                                           
Ring 3Open Agility A: James Browne; Novice Agility A, Novice Agility B: Adrian Tilley
Ring 4: Excellent Jumping A, Excellent Jumping B, Open Jumping A: Paul Gavin            

PM Trial - Start Not Before 12.00pm

Ring 1: Master Agility C, Master Agility D: Annette Claughton                                                
Ring 2: Master Jumping C, Master Jumping D: Paul Gavin                                                       
Ring 3: Excellent Agility A, Excellent Agility B: Adrian Tilley; Open Agility B: James Browne
Ring 4: Open Jumping B, Novice Jumping A, Novice Jumping B: Roger Padfield                   

   No check-in or Vetting.
Competitor's numbers available from 7.45am.
A lunch break will be fitted in at a time that suits the rings

Awards - Prize & Sash 1st Place
Ribbons 2nd & 3rd Places
Catering – Availability to be announced later
Only One Presentation after completion of the trial
 Warringal Obedience Dog Club Inc reserves the right to substitute judges



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