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Wilarra - AG CH 300

At Scottish Breeds Trial - KCC Park on 14 June 2015

Congratulations to Michele Moore and
AG CH 300 Tooneybank Stopya Naggn RA ADM JDM ADO JDO SDM SPDM GDX

Wilarra is the second dog I have trained and trialed in agility but my first dog to obtain the agility champion title following the change to the agility champion rules.

Wilarra came to me when she was four months old after a chance phone call with the breeder (Anne Gordon in Canberra). Her mum and my other dog Yanda (Tooneybank Te Olympus ADX JDX SDX SPDX GD) are brother and sister.

Wilarra loved going to training and trials and watching Yanda run around when she was little and couldn’t wait to join in.  Finally it came time for her to start training and she just loved it and especially those tunnels.

As we progressed through the titles as a team we made plenty of mistakes.  Then along came Awesome Paws training and the change to H360 and our teamwork improved so much.  The passes then came along more regularly and finally we obtained the Agility Champion 300 title.

Thank you very much Geraldine and Katie Kisielnicki for your patience with Wilarra and me.

I just love playing agility with Wilarra and we have met and made many friends along the way.

Michele Moore